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View your Angard staffing payslip, online application login, registration, forgot password, help center, and FAQ details are available here. Go to portal.

For the review of the Angard Staffing payslip, you have to qualify in all about Angard security instigations, when you do it you will receive an email containing instructions on how to set up online access to view your electronic payslips.

When you have set this up you will be able to access your payslip online. To view your salary slip, you will need your Angard employee number (payroll number) to access your online payslip.

Furthermore, the payslip also mentions the number of working days an employee has. You can also check your details such as employee ID number, name, department, etc. To know more about the process of checking your Angard staffing payslip check the below-given steps.

Angard Payslip Login Process

Employees can access their Angard payslips from the comfort of their homes. However, to be able to access your Angard staffing payroll you should fulfill the requisites. Most importantly you should be able to login into your payslip account.

Angard online login is mandatory for all workers. Therefore, without logging in access will be denied by the portal. To complete your login you should have your email address, user ID, and password.

To help you with the process we have mentioned the entire login steps down below.

STEP 1. For the first step, employees should go to their official Angard portal. Here is the link, so just click on this link to proceed to

STEP 2. You should now be at the Angard login portal. So here enter all the necessary credentials such as Email address, Username, and Password.

Angard Staffing Payslip

STEP 3. Once you have entered the details you can click SIGN IN.

STEP 4. Within a few minutes, you should have complete access to your Angard payslip details.

Angard PayslipView Here
Angard Website

Angard Online Payslip Password Reset Steps

Working employees of Angard if you forgot your login password, then you know you should be able to reset or recover it again. In case you are unfamiliar with the recovery process then you can follow the instructions below.

STEP 1. Since you have to visit the login portal, therefore you can directly open the login page. Here we have provided the link to the Angard login portal.

STEP 2. Once at the login portal click the option that says “FORGOTTEN PASSWORD”.

STEP 3. On the next page, you need to select RESET PASSWORD. Then click the NEXT button.

NOTE: In case you wish to recover your USER Id and Password then you can select RECOVER USERNAME and PASSWORD.

STEP 4. Then the page requires you to enter your USERNAME. To proceed click on NEXT.

STEP 5. Now all you need to do is provide your email address and click RESET PASSWORD. Once you receive the recovery email follow the instructions laid out to reset your password.

Angard Staffing Registration Online

Angard is existing or registered workers can log in to check their payslips. However, if you are a new Angard employee and cannot view your payslip online, it means that you have to register. Well, you can register online, so all you need is to know the registration process.

Now, to complete your registration you are going to need the following details. If you have the following credentials then follow the steps we have mentioned below.

STEP 1. Go to the Angard login portal or click here

STEP 2. When the login page appears select “I NEED TO REGISTER”.

STEP 3. You will now be at the registration portal. Now enter your Secure Company PIN and click on ‘Continue‘ to begin registration.

STEP 4. After filling in all the fields with the correct details click on REGISTER.

STEP 5. The portal will send a verification link to your email address. When you receive such an email open it and click the verification link to complete your process.

Angard Help Center

In case you need some assistance or help in regards to your Angard payroll then you can call the helpline number.

Monday to Friday, 8 am to 6 pm (closed on bank holidays)


Here are some Angard payroll-related questions and their answers. Since the following contents are associated specifically with the Angard payslip, this can be helpful. Therefore you can check out the following.

How can I check the Anagard Payslip PDF online?

Well even though the Angard portal cannot issue paper payslips does not mean you cannot check your payslip. You can check the Angard payslip pdf or get a printout copy. First, you have to complete your login. When you can view your payslip you will have two options such as SAVE or PRINT. You can select the option as per your preference.

Does  Angard Staffings Pay Weekly?

Yes, you will get paid weekly. Furthermore, the normal Angard Staffing shift ends by Sunday midnight, so you will get paid for working after Sunday night.

I am an Employee of Angard, I have been paid incorrectly for my shifts, what should I do?

You need to visit at Angard help center ( page to share your Pay Query with the Angard Payroll Services team.

About Angard Staffing

Established in 2011, Angard Staffing is a British recruitment agency partnered with the Royal Mail and is a part of the Royal Mail Group. So the primary priority of Angard Staffing is to meet the demand of Royal Mail in terms of staff recruitment.

So Angard Staffings recruits workers for temporary or permanent vacancies in the Royal Mail. The individuals are hired to fulfill the vacancies in Royal Mail across the UK.

Individuals are recruited for Casual mail stores and warehouse operatives, postmen, and postwomen vacancies. Angard Staffing offers a single shit cover of typically 4 hours to longer-term assignments.

Once you have been recruited by Angardstaffing you will receive your Angard payroll payslip details from the agency.


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