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As the term suggests the Clarks Payslip Login UK portal is the official website or platform which can grant Clarks employees access to their personal Clarks payroll account. However, before the individuals can check their Clarks payslips certain requirements must be met.

Given the sensitive aspects of the Clarks payroll record along with other personal information, certain measures have been introduced to restrict unauthorized access. Even Clarks UK employees are subjected to these guidelines or regulations even though the Clarks payslip portal is exclusively developed for the employees.

Other than access to their personal Clarks payroll, the portal also grants employees complete authority to manage their accounts in a personalized manner. Basically, the Clarks Payroll portal provides every convenience when it comes to information accessibility, HR Management, and personalized Clarks Payslips account management.

About Clarks Shoes UK

Clarks is the trading name of the British shoe manufacturer and retailer C.& J. Clark International Ltd, which was founded by Cyrus Clark and James Clark in 1925. The company was founded in Street, Somerset, England, UK, which is also the location of its headquarters.

Although the company is based in the United Kingdom, it has operations across the globe. Clarks has more than 1,400 branded stores and franchises located across the world. Other than being a manufacturer and retailer, the company also operates through distribution by third-party. The Desert Boot is one of the most popular products of the company, which was launched in 1950.

Until November 2020, the company was owned by the Clarks family (84%), however, it is now owned by LionRock Capital which is a Hong Kong-based private equity firm. This international shoe manufacturer and retailer employs more than 17,000 individuals.

Clarks Payslip Login Step by Step Guide

One of the mandatory guidelines which every Clarks employee must abide by is the official Clarks online payslip login process. As a matter of fact, employees need to follow each and every step of the official Clark’s payroll login procedure if they are to successfully log in.

Furthermore, to verify their identity as authorized users or rather Clarks employees they must provide the login username and password. With that being said, below you can check out the login process which is based on the official guidelines.

STEP 1. Visit the My Clarks Payslip Login UK portal at

STEP 2. The My Clarks Payslips Login page will open if you click on the link.

STEP 3. On this page first, enter your Username/Email ID and Password.

Clarks Payslip
Clarks Payslip

STEP 4. You can then click on the Sign In option.

STEP 5. The portal then verifies your login credentials.

STEP 6. Once authenticated the portal will then grant you access to your Clarks payroll account.

My Clarks PayslipView Here
Clarks Payslips Portal

Clarks Payslips Login Password Reset Steps

When you forget your Clark’s payroll login password do not panic because there is a way to reset your forgotten passwords. And the best part is that you can reset your password by yourself if you have adequate information on how to reset My Clarks employee login password.

And in case you do not have any such information and are confused then just be sure that you have your email address. As per the process to reset Clark’s login password is concerned you can just follow the instructions given below.

  • Go to My Clarks Login portal.
  • On the homepage look for Forgot Your Password option.
  • When you find it click on the option.
  • A new page will pop- up on your screen.
  • Here enter your Email Address and Confirm your Email Address.
  • Then click on Reset Password to proceed.
  • Your new password details along with the rest of the instructions will be sent to your email address.
  • So, when you receive the email open it and follow the instructions.

Clarks Payroll Sign-In Portal Benefits

As mentioned, the Clarks Payroll sign-in website has been developed exclusively for the convenience of its employees. Hence, a number of online tools, features, and facilities are available. Therefore, it is these facilities and features that ultimately benefit the users when they visit the portal.

In order to make it easier to understand you can read the following list of Clark’s payslip login UK portal benefits listed below. The following points will not only provide you clarity with respect to the benefits of the portal but will also inform you about the facilities that will be provided.

  1. Clarks payslip login UK portal can be visited 24/7, whenever necessary.
  2. Unauthorized users will be denied access to any services.
  3. At the portal, Clarks Shoe employee login can be performed.
  4. Once logged in employees will have access to their accounts.
  5. They can check Clark’s payroll, roster, tax statement, request leave, etc.
  6. Clarks employees can also personalize their accounts.
  7. Clarks payslip download facility is also available.
  8. Forgotten Clarks payslips login UK password can be changed or reset.

Clarks Company Benefits For Employees

Employees are hired on the basis of salaries, and Clarks UK is no exception. In fact, companies like Clarks International Ltd, UK offers employees some of the best benefits packages. And within this package employees will be entitled to a number of benefits, perks, discounts, etc.

Other than being benefits and perks it can be considered as assistance from the company. As a matter of fact, these benefits package is provided to be of some assistance to their employees for their overall wellbeing. Under the benefits packages employee can avail themselves of;

  • Clarks pay, bonus, overtime pays, etc.
  • It offers Clarks members insurance cover for medical care, health, dental care, vision care, etc.
  • Entitlement of annual vacation/time off.
  • Provisions for paid sick leave, maternity or paternity leave.
  • Balanced work-life, parenting cycle with flexible working hours.
  • Access to My Clarks employee discounts, offers, deals, etc.
  • Retirement pension benefits and perks.
  • Training facilities for professional development and progress.

My Clarks Payslip HR Department Contact Number

The Clarks HR contact number will be useful for those who are having trouble logging in to their account. Similarly, employees who are unable to find certain information can also get in touch with Clark’s helpdesk by using the contact information.

Basically, Clark’s HR department also acts as Clark’s helpdesk and attends to the queries of Clark’s staff. Therefore, when faced with any kind of problem Carks employees can get in touch with the helpdesk on the number provided below.

  • Clarks HR Contact Number: 01458 899904.
  • Clarks HR Department Email Address: [email protected]

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How can I find My Clarks Login Username Online?

If you lost or forgot your Clarks payroll Sign In Username/email then you cannot log in until providing the correct username. So, in such a situation you can recover your username with the help of Clark’s HR support desk. You can contact or send an email to their helpdesk and request your username.

What are the steps for Clarks Payroll download?

One of the significant facilities provided by the My Clarks employee login portal is the Clarks payslip download feature. However, the payslip cannot be downloaded without taking into account the official procedure, so.

  • Go to My Clarks Login page.
  • Enter Username and Password.
  • Click on the Sign In option.
  • Once you have access go to Clarks Payroll section and open it.
  • Your Clarks payslip record will be displayed.
  • To view the desired payslip select week/month and year.
  • Click on View Payslip or View Details.
  • Finally, click on the Download option.

Clarks Pension Login Process

Retired Clarks employees are eligible for post-retirement pension benefits and perks. And pensioners can check out their Clarks pension details by logging in to their My Clarks Pension account. To log in you will have to take note of the following guidelines.

  • Visit My Clarks Pension Login page at
  • At the homepage click on the Login option.
  • You are then redirected to the My Clarks Login pension page.
  • Here enter your Username and Password.
  • Then click on the Login option.

Reset Clarks Pension Employee Login Password.

The process for password reset is similar to the one mentioned above, however, there is a certain difference. Anyways, if you ever need to reset My Clarks Pension Sign-In password then you can;

  • Go to Clarks Pension Login UK portal.
  • Click on the Forgotten Password option.
  • On the next page enter your Username.
  • Tap on the Submit option.
  • You will then receive your new password details on your registered email address.

Clarks Pension Account Registration Guide

In order to create your pension account, you are required to register with the Clarks Pension UK portal. For your registration personal information will be required. Employees’ NI Number, Date of birth, and Postcode must be provided among other details. As per how to register the following points should answer your question.

  • Visit the Clarks Pension login Page.
  • Click on the Register option.
  • A new page will open
  • Enter your NI Number, Date of Birth, and Postcode.
  • Click on the Next option.
  • You then have to create your username, set security questions, and create a pin respectively.
  • Once your registration is done you will receive a confirmation mail.


This article provides a detailed account of the Clarks payroll sign-in or My Clarks employee login process. Furthermore, it also contains instructions that can help Clark’s staff to reset Clark’s payroll sign-in password, and provides Clarks HR contact number, among others. So, leave a comment below if you would like me to get you the information that you desire.

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