Cordant People Employee Payslip – Cordant Employee Portal

The Cordant Group people employees get their Cordant payslip from the Cordant people official portal. Therefore, the employee needs to Login onto the Cordant Connect portal to access their payslips.

The employees of Cordant Group have to access their salary slips online. The employer must provide the payslip soon after the salary payment. Hence, as soon as you receive your payment you should be able to access your respective payslip.

Now, the Cordant payslips also approve of your employment with the group. Payslips can help you confirm your employment when necessary. So, your payslips have much to offer other than salary particulars.

In a nutshell, in your payslip, you can check your total earning, which includes, NI earnings, net amount. And total deductions made for income tax, loan (if any). Finally, you can check personal details.

Cordant Payslip Online

If you are to access your payslip online then you cannot do it without completing your Cordant people log in. The login is a mandatory requirement for every employee.

To log in, you need to provide your user id and password. And the most crucial aspect is that you should always log in at the official website of the Cordant payslips login portal.

NOTE: In case you have been issued with the TOKEN, then you must also provide the token details.

STEP 1. Rather than taking the login step of getting to the login portal through Cordant People people you can click on this link This link helps you open the login portal.

STEP 2. Now when the login portal appears. Enter your USER ID, PASSWORD & TOKEN ( If issued).

Cordant People

STEP 3. Then you can click on SIGN IN.

STEP 4. You should then have access to your Cordant employee payslips account,

STEP 5. At last, you can check your desired payslip.


Cordant People’s Useable Webpages

CompanyCordant Group Plc
Cordant People PayslipView Now
Forgotten Login Password?Reset Now
New RegistrationVisit Here

Cordant People Forgot Password Recovery Steps

There are two ways to create a new password or reset a forgotten password. You can either contact your local branch or do it by yourself. Thus, if you ever forget your password then you know your options.

However, if you want to create a new password by yourself then you should know the process. Furthermore, make sure to have your User id, DOB, NI number, postcode at the time you reset your password.

STEP 1. You can reset the password at the Cordant login portal. Therefore, go to their official login page

STEP 2. At the login page click on FORGOTTEN PASSWORD.

STEP 3. In the next window enter your details such as User id, National Insurance Number, Date of Birth, Postcode.

STEP 4. Now create a new password and confirm it.

STEP 5. Then click on RESET PASSWORD.

STEP 6. Finally, you have a new password that you can use when you log in to the Cordant employee portal.


Cordant Portal Employee Registration

To have access to your payslips through the Cordant portal you need to log in. But to log in, you should be registered with the group. You can register at the local branch, or register by yourself by following the official directive.

By providing you with necessary information we can help you with your Cordant registration. Therefore, we want to inform you that for registration National Insurance number, DOB, and postcode are mandatory requirements.

STEP 1. If you want to register online then you can visit the official Cordant login portal. To open the portal click on this link

STEP 2. When you can view the login page select FIRST VISIT REGISTRATION.

STEP 3. Now a new window opens as the registration portal. Here fill all the fields with correct details.

STEP 4. Then create a new password and confirm the password.

STEP 5. After that click on REGISTER.

STEP 6. Finally, registration will be complete once you receive the confirmation. And then you can log in and check Cordant online payslip.


In this final section, you can get additional details regarding the Cordant people’s employee payslips. With the help of these contents, you will be able to know about how to check Cordant employee payslip, Cordant people helpline, and more.

Question 1. How do I check Cordant payslips online?

ANS: Well isn’t is obvious that to check online payslip you need to be online. In simple words, you first have to log in and have access to your payslips.

  • So, first thing first, login at the Cordant payslips portal.
  • When you can view your desired payslip look for check or print option.
  • You can either select SAVE OR You can click on the PRINT icon as per your preference.

Question 2.  How can I get my Cordant USER ID?

ANS:  Your Cordant User id depends upon your categories such as mobile worker and client.

Cordant Mobile Worker USER ID:

The user id of Mobile Workers will be provided by the company which is made up of your prefix and your payroll number.

Cordant Client USER ID:-

Clients can check their User ID and password their last invoice.

The login credentials for other users will be provided by their respective administrators.

Question 3. How can I find Cordant Branches?

ANS: You can search for the Cordant branches at the Cordant people portal. With the help of these steps search for your local branch.

  • Go to the Cordant people portal
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the homepage.
  • Now under the FIND, YOUR LOCAL BRANCH option select you CITY
  • Then click on VIEW BRANCH.

Question 4. What is Cordant People Contact Number?

ANS: Since there are various branches of the Cordant Group. Therefore, you need to contact your local branch regarding your queries. Hence, to get the contact details of your respective local branch to follow these instructions.

  • Go to the Cordant people portal.
  • Click on CONTACT on the homepage.
  • Next select Branch.
  • Then click on VIEW BRANCH.
  • In the next window, the contact details of your local branch will be provided.

About Cordant People

Cordant Group Plc is the UK based independently owned talent or recruitment solution company. This employment solution agency was founded on 6th December 1997. The head office of the company is at Chevron House 346 Long Lane, Middlesex Hillingdon, UB10 9PF United Kingdom.

It is one of the leading talent solutions providers in the United Kingdom. The group offers temporary, permanent recruitment solutions. The Cordant Group plc approximately represents more than 5,000 client organizations.

The employment solutions are provided for health care, security, cleaning, and technical electrical services. Across the UK the group has several branches that operate in different regions.

There are more than 7 subsidiaries of the Cordiant Group plc namely Cordiant Security Limited, Cordiant Cleaning Limited, Cordint People Limited, PMP Recruitment Limited, Staff Group Limited, Cordiant Technical Limited, and more.


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