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Generate the Firstsource payslip & salary slip online once you complete the Myview Firstsource login process. Well for every employee their salary statement details matter the most. Such can be assumed in the case of every first source UK employee.

As an employee, you receive a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly salary from your employer. And for each payment, your employer provides the payslips as confirmation of the payment.

In a manner, the payslip is the legal or official payment slip. Now then these payslips contain several details about your salary. To be specific it gives you a proper layout of your salary break up.

To be specific your payslips contain details of your basic pay, deductions, earnings, and net pay. So, the basic pay of the month, deduction of tax, loan (if any), and NI earning details can be acquired.

MyView Firstsource Payslip Online

Well, it’s easy to get your Firstsource payslip online from the Myview Firstsource solutions portal. However, some mandatory steps must be taken. And the most important step would be to complete your first source login.

Those unfamiliar with the login process can check the following instructions.

STEP 1. Visit the official portal of Firstsource My View. However, here we have attached the address in this link so just click on it

STEP 2. Then for the second step wait for the homepage of the portal of the load. Once it opens enter your login credentials. Your employee number and password must be correct.

STEP 3. To proceed or complete your login click on the SIGN IN option.

Firstsource Payslip
Firstsource Payslip

STEP 4. Now it takes a few minutes for the software to confirm your identification. Once complete you will have access to your payslip record.

STEP 5. Finally, you can then view the First Source Solutions salary slip.

View PayslipVisit Here
First Source Website

Firstsource My View Login Password Reset

Hence, you have to provide the correct user id and password every time you log in. If you forget and enter the incorrect password then you cannot log into your Firstsource my view portal. This occurs because the software fails to confirm your verification on the basis of your credentials.

So when you forget your password you can request a new one. The following steps make up the process of getting a new password.

STEP 1. The first step of the process is to open or load the First Source login portal. So, type the web address of the portal or you can just click here

STEP 2. Now, once you can see the login portal on your screen click on FORGOTTEN PASSWORD.

STEP 3. You will be redirected to the recovery page. And on this page, you have to enter your EMPLOYEE NUMBER & DATE OF BIRTH.

STEP 4. After entering the requisites you can click on RESET MY ACCOUNT.

STEP 5. The portal then sends the new or temporary password to your registered mobile number or email address. Finally, you can use the password to log in.


Employees may have unanswered questions regarding their payslips. Thus, in this section, we included some basic questions and answers. Hence, you can check out these questions and see if they can be of some help for your queries.

How to check First Source Solutions Salary Slip Online ?.
It is quite simple to check your payslips online. Just make sure that you log in and have access to your payslips record. Once you have access you have to open the payslip you want to check.

  • First of all, log in at the First Source Payslip Login portal.
  • Then click on VIEW PAYSLIP.
  • Now select the payslip that you need to check.
  • You can save or print the payslips by choosing the respective option.

Can I check my old First Source Payslip?
Yes, you can check your previous payslips. In fact, the previous payslips will be available at your payslip account. So, all you need to do is load your payslip archive and select the payslip. Again to check your old payslips login is mandatory.

What is First Source Payslip?
Basically, the payslip is the official slip that confirms the payment of your salary. So, for every pay period or salary, you get a specific payslip. For instance, if you get paid weekly then for each weekly payment you get the payslips. Now in the payslips, you can get details of the following particulars.

  • Basic Pay.
  • Deductions.
  • National Insurance Earnings.
  • Holiday Information.
  • Personal Details and more.

How can I check the First Source Solution Salary Slip-on Mobile?
To check your first source payslip on your mobile you need internet and search engine such as Google. So, if your phone has such facilities then you can check your payslips by following the login process we have mentioned in this article.

About First Source Solutions

Firstsource Solutions Limited a provider of customized services in the field of Fussiness Process Management (BPM) was founded in 2001. It is owned by the RP Sanjiv Goenka Group. The headquarter of the company is located in Mumbai, India.

The company offers business process management in several sectors. Such sectors include banking and financial services, customer services, telecom, media, and healthcare. Firstsource operates and provides its services in countries like the US, UK, Philippines, and India.

Initially, Firstsource started its operations as ICICI InforTech Upstream Ltd. in 2001. So, it was in 2006 when the company took up the name First Source Solutions Ltd. And in 2001 it became a public company and was then listed on the Indian Stock Exchange.

In February 2007 Firstsource was listed on the National Stock Exchange. And in the same year on 22nd February, it was listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange. The RP Rajiv Goenka Group owns a 53.96% share of Firstsource. And currently, Firstsource has more than 15 subsidiaries. There are about 20,000 employees in Firstsource Solutions including the employees of First Source Solutions UK.


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