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Maria Mallaband Care Group or MMCG provides MMCG eLearning and staff management portal( Those users who are already a part of the program can manage their MMCG career account online at the MMCG login portal.

If you are interested in acquiring important information related to MMCG e learning login, password recovery then get it here. In addition to the information related to your Maria Mallaband care login, also get to know more about MMCG eLearning.

Furthermore, if you want to enroll for any MMCG UK e-learning login then do read this article till the end. The contents of this article will provide all the details that are available. In other words when it comes to MMCG e-learning login then you have come to the right article.

MMCG eLearning Login at MMCG e-Learning Hub

MMCG eLearning login is important for every MMCG staff because it gives the users the ability to manage their personal accounts. In fact, each user enjoys privacy due to the fact that each user has specific login credentials i.e., username and password.

If you have joined one of the MMCG e-learning career courses then login will be crucial. As a matter of fact, once you log in successfully you can check every single detail related to your e-learning courses among others. So, if you want to login then ready your username and password and then:

  • Go to the MMCG login page the website of the page is
  • The MMCG e-learning hub login portal will open.
MMCG eLearning
MMCG eLearning
  • Here enter your Username and Password.
  • After entering the details you can tap on Login.
  • Some minutes later you will have access to your Maria Mallaband Account.
MMCG E LearningLogin Here

Steps to Reset/Change MMCG e-Learning Password

MMCG e-learning users may not know how to reset forgotten passwords. So, to guide such users during the recovery process this section has been equipped with every single detail. It will guide you through each step of the recovery procedure.

Now then the portal or MMCG eLearning hub will be instrumental but it will need you to provide your username. Basically, the portal verifies your account on the basis of your username before sending you your new password. And to get to this stage you need to start with;

  • Visiting the official MMCG login page
  • On the login page tap on Forgotten Password.
  • Then you have to enter your Username.
  • Click on the Next option to continue.
  • You then have provide your email address.
  • Once you have submitted your email address wait for the portal to respond.
  • The portal will either send you your new password or the instructions.
  • In case you receive the instructions just follow it to reset your password.

MMCG eLearning Sign Up/ Registeration

MMCG staff or any individual interested in applying for MMCG eLearning can register online. So, if you are interested but cannot register because of inadequate information on how to register then this section can help you.

For your registration you do not need elaborate details, however, there are some mandatory details. Such as your email address, personal details which you should be able to provide. One must note that to register one must have the right to work in the UK. So, if you fulfill these criteria then to register yourself;

  1. Go to the official MMCG Portal at
  2. On the homepage you will see the Register option.
  3. Tap on the appropriate option.
  4. Then on the next page select appropriate option.
  5. Users who do not work at MMCG have to fill up the registration form.
  6. So, enter your Name, email address.
  7. Then create your password and confirm it.
  8. After filling the entire form click on Register.
  9. Your registration confirmation sent to your email address.

MMCG e-learning Hub Contact Details

Users may sometimes need additional assistance when facing technical problems or any other. Therefore, in such times you can always contact the MMCG support helpdesk, and seek assistance or get desired information.

You can get in touch with the helpdesk either by calling them or sending an email or through fax. Well, you can find the entire contact details down below. So, when the time comes you can talk to the helpdesk through;

  • Email Address : [email protected]
  • Telephone Number : 01909 547234
  • Fax Number : 01909 547001.


What are the MMCG e-learning login benefits?

The Maria Mallaband login not only allows the users to access their account but also enables them to check the course details. So you can keep track of your MMCG e-learning course, check or download your course certificates.

In the case of your personal account, you can manage for instance update your personal details, change password, etc. Here below check out the benefits in regards to the Maria Mallaband careers courses you can check your:

-> MMCG Career Courses.
-> e-learning Course Certificates.
-> Resources.
-> Stats.
-> Course Booking.


Finally, I hope that the information in the above sections is able to help readers who required MMCG eLearning. Each section provides details related to a specific topic which I hope allows the readers to understand it without any issue. 

However, after reading the entire article, if you still have queries then do leave a comment below.

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