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To get started with MyCosta learning, visit for personal My Costa learning login. So, get all the details about My Costa Coffee or My costa employee login. Also, check out the steps for My costa forgotten password recovery.

Every Costa coffee employee can benefit from the learning content available at my costa learning portal. Therefore, it is important that every interested individual get all the important information. Hence, get reliable information in regards to My Costa learning in this article.

Information related to My Costa coffee learning such as new user registration, support contact details is also available. Basically, below you can get every single detail that you can get on My Costa employee learning.

Thus, if you want to know more about My Costa Coffee login, or employee login at the Costa training portal have a read of the following. Also do check additional information on My Costa learning mobile app, My costa coffee elearning login benefits, etc.

My Costa Learning Login

In regards to My costa login at my costa training portal make sure to go through each login step respectively. Employees can also get to know the official credentials that are mandatory for successful login at the My costa portal.

You can use your 8 digit employee number or email address as your username. And you are also required to enter your login password. These two credentials i.e., username and password allow the portal to identify the users.

However, in order to verify their identity, an employee must:

STEP 1. First, go to the official My Costa Coffee login portal i.e.,

STEP 2. Once the portal opens you can enter your Employee Number or email id as a username.

MyCosta Learning
MyCosta Learning

STEP 3. Then enter your password.

STEP 4. Finally, tap on the login option. You will then have access to your My Costa learning portal.

MyCoast LearningView Here
My Costa Learning Portal

MyCosta Learning Login Password Reset Steps

In the above section, we learned that password is an important requirement for My costa login. Basically, employees should be careful in regards to their passwords. However, if you do face password-related issues then you can either change your password or reset it in case you forgot your password.

Now, those employees who want to reset their password by themselves should have the following information. In order to reset their password, one must have a username or active email address. To create a new password employees can submit their username or email and receive a new password by;

  • Visiting the official My Costa learning login portal
  • On the training login portal  click on Forgotten your Employee number or Password.
  • Then on the next page enter your username or email address.
  • Click on the Search option.
  • You will then receive your new password on your email address.
  • In case you receive the reset link click on that link and follow the instructions.

NOTE: If you are unable to reset your password with the instructions given above then you can contact your manager.

My Costa learning New Account Register/Sign up

Fresh recruits who were recently recruited by My Costa Coffee can log in only after they receive their login credentials. To receive your username and password you have to wait for a while. Your username and password will be created on the evening of your first day.

So, My Costa coffee employees will be able to log in on their second day. Hence, you cannot register by yourself, unlike My Costa coffee login. You will receive your login credentials at your email address or you can contact your respective HR department or line manager.

Benefits of My Costa Employee Login

Since the official MyCostaLearning portal offers quality learning content to its employee. Thus, to enable their employee to get information related to their My costa coffee learning it launched the login portal.

Now when employees log in with their login credentials they can access their My costa learning progress. Other than online training details employees can also check details related to their payroll, employee benefits, etc.

  1. My Costa Coffee learning schedules, reports, certificates.
  2. Employee personal details.
  3. Payslip/Paystub record.
  4. Basic pay, Bonus pay, Over time details.
  5. Costa Coffee retirement plan.
  6. Holiday, paid leave entitlements.

MyCostaLearning Support Contact Details

In case you are unable to log in or have concerns for which you want to get in touch with the helpdesk then you can send them an email. So, for any elusive trouble or if you need any information then you can send an email to;

My Costa Coffee App

Those who want to log in from their mobile can download the official My Costa coffee learning app. The app can be downloaded from the application providers such as Google Play or Apple Store. So, android and IOS users can download the app from the respective sources.

Here are the complete steps for downloading the official app;

  • Go to Google Play or Apple Store.
  • The search My Costa Coffee App.
  • Now, click on Install option to download the app.
  • Once the app is downloaded open the app.
  • Enter your Username and Password.
  • Tap on Log in option.

More Guide


How do I recover My Costa Coffee Learning Username?

To recover your forgotten username you can visit the My Costa Coffee training login portal. You will receive your username at your email address. So, if you want to receive your username on your email account then you need to ;
> Go to
> On the homepage click on Forgot your Username or Password.
> Then enter your Email Address.
> Now click on the Search option.
> Your username will be sent to your Email address.
NOTE: If you cannot remember your email address then you need to contact your respective manager.


I hope that the information available in this article helps individuals with their My Costa login concerns. The procedures mentioned in different sections of this article are based on the official instructions available at the My Costa learning portal.

Lastly, if there are other concerns or information that you need in regards to My costa learning login then do leave a comment below.

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