Mypal OCS Payslip Online, Employee Payroll Portal

Get the MyPAL OCS worker’s payslip from the Mypal App or payroll portal. Log in, register on the OCS UK group employees payment portal to view e-payslips anytime and anywhere. The payslips provided for each pay period(weekly) enable the employee to check their pay particulars.

If you are an existing OCS My Pal worker then you will be able to access your payslip online from the payroll portal or App. The salary slip becomes important not only for the employees but for the employer too. Other than being a payslip of the salary it also happens to be legal or official evidence of salary payment. In other words, the payslips can be considered to be an official record of the payment.

Employees get the payslips for each pay period. Therefore, you can check your payslip according to the pay policy. So, it can be provided weekly- biweekly or monthly. In brief, you should have access to your payment details that include basic pay, hourly wage, NI earnings, etc.

Furthermore, you can check your deductions or payment of tax, loan (if any). Finally, along with your net earnings for the week or month you can be aware of your work calendar, holiday information, etc.

Mypal OCS Payslip View Online Steps

The Ocs employees or colleagues are required to log in to the OCS employee portal. Enter your registered email address and password to access your online payslip.

If you are concerned with how to log in then you should check out the following steps. But before you log in to make sure that you have your email address and password that is your login credentials.

STEP 1. The Ocs colleagues should always log in at the Ocs employee portal. The link to the official portal is here

STEP 2. After clicking on this link, the employee portal page will be loaded. So, when it opens up enter your Email Address & Password.

Mypal OCS

STEP 3. Then to complete your login click on the login button.

STEP 4. At last, once your login is successful, now you can access your Ocs employee accounts.

STEP 5. Then you will be able to check your Ocs payslips from your profile.

Mypal OCS LoginVisit Here

MyPal OCS Webpages

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New RegistrationVisit Here
Mypal Portal

OCS Colleagues Password Reset Steps

If you have been unable to remember your password and cannot log in then you need to reset your password. Now if you are a My pal Ocs employee then you have to reset the password at the Employee portal.

There is not much required to reset your password other than your email address and the reset process. Well, if you have your email then we have the instructions that will help you reset your password.

STEP 1. Like we said employees can reset their password only through the Ocs employee portal. Here click on this link

STEP 2. Now at the login page select FORGOTTEN PASSWORD.

STEP 3. Now on the next page enter your email address.

STEP 4. After entering your email address click on RESET PASSWORD.

STEP 5. Finally, you will receive a temporary password. Or you can receive a verification link which will then provide the remaining instructions.


Mypal Ocs Login Steps at

The Mypal Ocs login is an online portal where you can log in with your respective login credentials. This portal allows the Ocs Staff member to log in and gain access to their accounts.

Hence, if you are an Ocs Staff then you can log in at the portal. Once you have logged in then you should also be able to check your payslips. To know the process of login follows these instructions.

STEP 1. Ocs staff can log in at the My Pal Ocs portal. Therefore, you need to visit the portal. So, you can click on this link here

STEP 2. Once at the portal you will see the login bar. You need to enter your registered Email Address and Password.

  • NOTE: You also need to mark the I’m not a robot box.

STEP 3. Then click on log in.

STEP 4. A few minutes later you should have access to your personal My Pal Ocs account.


My Pal Ocs Forgotten Password Reset Steps

If you forget your password then it may cause your problem or rather you cannot log in if you are unable to enter your password. Therefore, to help you get out of such trouble the My Pal portal offers the option of password recovery.

Through the portal, you can create a new password within minutes. All you need is your email address and the knowledge of the following steps.

STEP 1. You first, have to go to their My Pal Ocs portal. So, you can enter the web address of the portal or just click on this link

STEP 2. At the portal when you see the login box click on FORGOT PASSWORD?

STEP 3. On the new page, you then have to enter your email address.

STEP 4. Then to proceed to click on SUBMIT. And mark the I’m not a robot box.

STEP 5. Now, you will receive a confirmation email with a link. You can then follow the instructions and create a new password.

Mypal Ocs Registration Process

If you are a recruit and are yet to get started with the My Pal Ocs services then you should first register. As per the official guidelines every new user must register to be able to login in the future.

However, the good news is that employees can register by themselves. But first, you should have your Payroll number, date of birth, and postcode. These details are to be provided during the registration.

STEP 1. My Pal registration can be done at the Mypal Ocs portal. You can load the portal if you click on this address

STEP 2. When the portal loads up click on the I’m New Get Started option at the bottom of the login page.

STEP 3. A new page will appear where you have to enter your Date Of Birth, Postcode, and Payroll Number.

STEP 4. Then click on Register.

STEP 5. On the next page, you may require to provide your email address for the final verification purpose.

STEP 6. Once you have verified your registration will be completed.


Although, in the above section we have covered almost every aspect of the Ocs UK Payslips. However, there are a few other details that we included in the final section. These are some of the basic information that you may need.

Question 1. How to check Ocs employee payslips?

ANS: You can either check Ocs payslips pdf or print out a copy of the slip. But, to print your payslip you first need to log in. When you are logged in you have access to your account and then you can check your payslips.

Question 2. How can I check my old Ocs payslips?

ANS: You can check your previous payslips once you have access to your account. But, you may be able to check your old payslips up to a certain record. However, to get much older slips you can contact your line manager or HR.

Question 3. Where can I get Ocs Group UK contact details?

ANS: Well there are several locations where Ocs Uk operates. Therefore, to overlook this location there are different Ocs UK offices. So, if you are looking for the details of a specific office then click on this link

About Mypal OCS

The OCS Group UK started as The New Century Window and General Cleaning Company set up Fredrick Willian Goodliffe. Later on in 1930, a new company named Office Cleaning Services was founded. During the mid-1940s, new branches were opened across the United Kingdom.

At present, the head office of the OCS Group UK is located at Tilgate Forest Business Park, Brighton Road, Crawley West Sussex RH11 9BP. Although there are other offices in the UK such as in Cardiff and Manchester.

Currently, the OCS offers services in different countries in the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and more. As per its services are concerned OCS provides management facilities, security, cleaning, catering, pest control, catering, horticulture, and many others.

Since its formation in the 1900s, the OCS Group UK has grown to become an international enterprise. Therefore, being one of the largest international businesses the OCS Group currently employees more than 86,000 colleagues.


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