Mypal OCS Payslip Employee Portal Login

Get the MyPAL OCS payslip from the online payroll portal. Log in and register at the OCS UK group employees’ payment portal to view e-payslips anytime and anywhere.

The payslips provided for each pay period(weekly) enable the employees to check their pay particulars. If you are an existing OCS MyPal worker, you can access your payslip online from the payroll portal or App.

The salary slip becomes essential not only for the employees but also for the employer. Other than being a salary slip, it is legal or official evidence of salary payment.

You can check your deductions, taxes, and loan payments (if any) from the My Pal OCS portal. Finally, along with your net earnings for the week or month, you can be aware of your work calendar, holiday information, etc.

Mypal OCS Employee Portal Login Guide

The OCS employees or colleagues are required to log in to the OCS employee portal. Enter your registered email address and password to access your online payslip.

If you are concerned about how to log in, you should check out the following steps. But before you log in, make sure that you have your email address and password, which are your login credentials.

STEP 1. Go to

STEP 2. After clicking on this link, the employee portal page will be loaded. When it opens, enter your Email Address and password.

Mypal OCS

STEP 3. Then, to complete your login, click on the login button.

STEP 4. Finally, once your login is successful, you can access your Ocs employee accounts.

STEP 5. Then, you can check your Ocs payslips from your profile.

Official Login PageVisit Here

OCS Colleagues Password Reset Steps

If you have been unable to remember your password and cannot log in, you need to reset it. If you are an OCS MyPal employee, you have to reset the password at the Employee portal.

  • Visit
  • At the login page, select FORGOTTEN PASSWORD.
  • Now, on the next page, enter your email address.
  • After entering your email address, click on RESET PASSWORD.
  • Finally, you will receive a temporary password. You can also receive a verification link to provide the remaining instructions.


About Mypal OCS

The OCS Group UK started as The New Century Window and General Cleaning Company set up by Fredrick Willian Goodliffe.

Later 1930, a new company named Office Cleaning Services was founded. During the mid-1940s, new branches were opened across the United Kingdom.

At present, the head office of the OCS Group UK is located at Tilgate Forest Business Park, Brighton Road, Crawley West Sussex RH11 9BP, although there are other offices in the UK, such as in Cardiff and Manchester.


How do you check OCS employee payslips?

You can either check Ocs payslips pdf or print out a copy of the slip. But, to print your payslip, you first need to log in. When logged in, you can access your account and check your payslips.

How can I check my old OCS MyPal payslips?

You can check your previous payslips once you have access to your account. However, you may be able to check your old payslips up to a certain record. To get much older slips, you can contact your line manager or HR.

Where can I get OCS Group UK contact details?

Well, there are several locations where Ocs UK operates. Therefore, to overlook this location, there are different Ocs UK offices. So, if you are looking for the details of a specific office, then click on

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