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NHS Payslip Explained 2020: NHS employees, understand that how to view & print the NHS E-Payslip and P60 online from the My ESR NHS portal. How to log in online complete process is explained @my.esr.nhs.uk (Electronic Staff Record) payroll portal.

To check the actual amount of your monthly payment like basic pay, night duty EN, Saturday EN, Sunday EN, High Coast Area, AFC absence, etc employees want to see their salary abbreviations. All the NHS working staff who have access to e-payroll services are free to check their NHS payslip online anytime in a faster and easy way.

NHS digital payslip login is possible only in one condition that is logger must be a member of the NHS workforce and have ESR login credentials. If the employee has login credentials that means you will be authorized to access your historic and current salary slip data electronically with trust.

If we explain the NHS payslip then in the salary slip you will see Pay allowances, net pay, PAYE, salary/wage, incremental date, STD hours, Payscale description, PT salary/ wage, deductions, assignment number, Tax & NI information, etc.

NHS Payslip Online Login Steps

The NHS online payslip distribution service is very fast and secure that produce accurate official data in front of your system screen. NHS payroll portal launched especially to its employees, to check their monthly salary receipt electronically.

Employee payslip is available for each month via the ESR employee self-service portal. All the historic payslips and P60 are available for the employee for the duration of your employment with the trust. Board recommends you to save your payslip of each month because once you left the trust then you will not be able to access the ESS portal.

You can view your payslip via ESR app on the internet, My ESR internet link or website, and My ESR app from mobile or tablet device. Here are the steps to view your payslip via the MY ESR website.

1. Simply visit on the NHS electronic staff record that is www.my.esr.nhs.uk.

2. On the login page enter your username and password.

NHS Payslip
NHS Payslip

3. After this click on the login button.

4. If you entered accurate login credentials then you will be redirected to your profile.

5. From the portal page click on “view my payslip” to check, print, and download.


My ESR NHS Login Username and Password Recovery

If you have forgotten your login credentials like password, username, etc then you can request to unlock your account or recover the password and username. It’s very simple and easy to do.

Step 1. Go through the NHS ESR web portal e.i https://my.esr.nhs.uk.

Step 2. On this page, you will see a “Forgotten | Request Username/Password | Unlock Account” hit on it.


Step 3. Now on the recovery page enter your email ID and date of birth(DOB) associated with your account.


Step 4. After this click on the “Submit” button.

Step 5. Your login credentials, including your username, will then be emailed to your NHS.net email address.

Step 6. After this note down your username and click the Reset your password link to set up your password.

Step 7. When prompted, enter your Username and set a password, and in the last click on confirm password.

About NHS ESR Portal

NHS stands for National Health Service. NHS is one of the biggest health organizations of the UK(United Kingdom) responsible to provide health and medical social services across the UK. It was established in 1948. NHS has 4 major systems that run by its government. 1) NHS in England, 2) Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland, 3) NHS in Scotland, 4) NHS in Wales.

NHS developed an online web portal for its employee called NHS ESR Portal. ESR stands for the Electronic Staff Record. This portal record and maintain the staff personal data. From this online web portal, NHS employee easily accesses their NHS payslip & other personal details online.

From the ESS or Employee self-service portal, you can view information about your electronic staff record. By accessing your ESR ESS (employee self-service) record you care able to view your payslip and P60s, total reward statements, absence calendar, announcements, and registration information, and also your home address, telephone number, emergency contact, bank account details, and other personal details.


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