Paramedic Salary UK 2022 Paramedic Per Hour, Monthly, Annual Pay

The salary of a paramedic in the United Kingdom varies. Hence, to know the pay scale of paramedics in the UK you need dependable statistics. You should check out Paramedic’s salary UK 2022. And also do not forget to take a look at paramedics hourly pay, monthly & per year salary too.

Paramedics have become one of the pillars of medical service in the UK and other countries. In the UK paramedics as a profession has developed into an autonomous health profession. Thus, such development directly impacts the demand of professionals in this field.

A paramedic can be employed by private or public health organizations for instance by NHS (Public) or London Ambulance Services (Private). Although Paramedics have been said to have good pays. However, the pay scale does vary depending upon various factors concerning employment.

But compared to other medical professions such as registered nurses, paramedics have lower income. Nonetheless, it is one of the best paying jobs. So in the following sections, you should check out the Paramedic Salary UK 2022 statistics.

Also, there are several other information that can be useful for queries related to the Paramedic pay scale in the UK by region, highest paramedic salary paying cities, companies, etc.

Paramedic Salary In United Kingdom

Well then if you wanted to know how much does a paramedic earns per year in the UK? Then this section should answer that question for you. Along with the salary, you should also know the factors that can affect your income.

If you read the above section then you should know that the salary of every paramedic in the UK varies. The salary of a paramedic in the United Kingdom falls within the pay scale range or pay band.

Paramedic Salary UK

Now there are two pay bands namely Pay Band 5 and Pay Band 6. And there are certain qualities and qualification that determines your pay band. To make things clear individuals with Pay Band 5 have lower salaries than those with pay band 6 scale.

As we said that certain factors affect your salary or rather your pay band. Such a factor is mostly concerned with your experience as a paramedic. However, in your employment city, the employer can also help you receive a higher salary.

Paramedics with little or no experience fall under the band 5 pay scale. Whereas leaders or senior paramedics with years of experience, skills, and training come under pay band 6 scale.

In terms of employment locations, you should know that paramedics in London have higher pay then the paramedics in Bristol. Similarly, medical companies such as Jigsaw Medical Paramedic, Chase Medical Paramedic offer one of the highest Paramedic salary packages in the UK.

  • Lowest Annual Paramedic Salary UK: £24,907.
  • Average Paramedic Salary Per Year UK: £33,871.
  • Highest Paramedic Yearly Salary UK: £55,000.

Paramedics PayScale UK By Region

Like we said that your employment location has its part in regards to your salary. Therefore, you help you understand or rather provide you with pay scale data of paramedics in each region we have this section.

Here you can not only check on the salary of paramedics in each region but also know the average per hour wage & monthly salary. And hopefully, with the following information, you may choose the perfect region for your employment.

For the record, the salary packages mentioned below are the average figures. So, the pay scale may vary depending upon various factors. Furthermore, the paramedic hourly wage is based on the average working hours in the United Kingdom.

RegionAverage Hourly PayAverage Monthly Salary
Average Salary Per Year.
East Midlands£ 15.00.£ 2,238. ₤26,864.
London£ 19.00.£ 2,896. £34,763.
East England£ 15.00.£ 2,149.£25,794.
North West£ 17.00.£ 2,580.£30,967.
South East£ 23.00.£ 3,466.£ 41,593.
North East£ 19.00.£ 2,832.£33,989.
West Midlands£ 19.00.£ 2,865.£34,383.
Yorkshire£ 18.00.£ 2,703.£32,447.
£ 16.00.£ 2,421.£29,060.


In the final section of our article, we want readers to take a look at the question that we have mentioned. These questions are pretty basic and so are commonly asked by someone who aspires to become a paramedic in the United Kingdom.

So, with the hope of being helpful, we have listed these questions and answers related to Paramedics in the UK.

Question 1. What is the starting Paramedic Salary in the UK?

ANS: First, you have to understand that as an entry-level paramedic your salary package comes under the Pay Band 5. And as an inexperienced paramedic, you are likely to get salary packages in the range of £18,000 to £25,000.

Question 2. How to become a Paramedic in the UK?

ANS: It is obvious that to become a paramedic in the United Kingdom you first need necessary educational qualifications.  There are several or three ways to become a paramedic such as:

  • Full-time qualification in Paramedic science.
  • An apprenticeship program with a health provider.
  • Paramedic Training with a health organization.

Question 3. Cities in the UK with the highest Paramedic salary?

ANS: There are cities where the salary of a paramedic is high. Below we have mentioned such cities. These are only 5 cities in the UK with high paramedic salary packages. Furthermore, these salary packages can be different based on various elements.

  • London: £34,787 per year.
  • Bristol: £32,985 per year.
  • Bicester: £34,179 per year.
  • Winchester: £33,712 per year.
  • Manchester: £33,799 per year.

Question 4. Companies with the highest paramedic salary in the UK?

ANS: Paramedics can work for a public or private health organization. Several private health providers in the United Kingdom offer higher pay compared to public health organizations. Below are some of the health organizers with a higher Paramedic pay scale.

  • DHU Health Care CIC Paramedic: £49,713 per year.
  • Jigsaw Medical Paramedic: £44,347 per year.
  • Chase Medical Paramedic: £42,449 per year.
  • Care UK Residential Care Services Paramedic: £37,375 per year.
  • Epsom & St. Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust Paramedic: £38,761 per year.

Job Description

A paramedic can be considered as a lifeguard in cases of emergencies. In other words, paramedics are trained professional who responds to emergencies where medical assistance or rather medical help is required.

Where there are accidents, paramedics are the first to arrive at the scene. Paramedics work as a 2 person crew with an ambulance for medical services. Paramedics offer critical life-saving services.

By responding to emergencies paramedics have saved numerous lives. As trained medical professionals paramedics take care of patients in need of medical treatments. Furthermore, they also transport the patients to a nearby hospital.

The following skill can be beneficial for a paramedic;

  • Good communication skills.
  • Critical decision making ability.
  • Optimum physical fitness.
  • Knowledge of medical equipment.
  • Driving skills.


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