Pizza Hut MyView Login

Pizza Hut Myview is an online web application for Pizza Hut employees and managers. Pizza Hut Employees are able to view payslips and personal details. Whereas managers will be able to update freshers, leavers, and other employees’ details without any technical error.

To access the My view Pizza Hut portal you need to log in via your 7-digit employee number and password.

Keep your Pizza Hut myview login data confidential. Always use the personal system for the sign-in, but if you do not have any personal system for login then use the public system, and don’t forget to log out from the Pizza Hut myiew profile after using it.

The Pizza Hut Myview successful login allows managers to manage the daily status of employees like leaves, joining, extra work, and other changes, and employees to check payslips on every payday and edit their personal data like bank details, emergency contact details, address, etc.

My view Pizza Hut Login Process

Pizza Hut employees and managers if you want to check your payslip or edit any personal details themselves, Keep sign-in on the PizzaHut My View portal.  Let’s know how to do log-in at Pizza Hut Myview Portal.

Step 1. Go to

Pizza Hut MyView Login
Pizza Hut MyView Login

Step 2. Enter the 7-digit employee number and password.

Step 3. Now click on Sign In.

For Myview LoginClick Here

Note that when you sign in at the portal that time you need to enter the employee number in 0123456 format. After this, your date of birth must be entered in DD/MM/YYYY format and your National insurance number should be in ACOOOOOOC format.  All are case-sensitive remember that.

How to Reset Pizza Hut MyView Login Password?

Pizza Hut employees or managers if you have forgotten the Pizza Hut My View login password then don’t worry you will be able to reset it in a few minutes.

Just follow the below-given rest password process to get a new login password.

  • Go to the official Pizza Hut myview website.
  • Click on Forgotten your password? text link.
  • Enter your employee number and the actual date of birth.
  • Click on the Reset my Account button.

About Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is a restaurant industry and Pizza Hut was founded by Dan Carney & Frank Carney in 1958. The headquarters of Pizza Hut is located at 7100 Corporate Dr, Plano Texas.

The main product that Pizza Hut is served is Italian – American Cuisine Pizza and Pasta. Currently, Pizza Hut has 18703 restaurants worldwide. Pizza Hut is the largest pizza chain in the world.



In order to access the Pizza Hut My View portal you have to follow the given login task, if you have lost your password then make a new password by following the above guide.

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  1. I cannot login to my accoun since more than one year. My whole manager team tried to help but I still cannot see my playslips. I reset my account about 100 times and never arrived the code to my email address.


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