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How to access Our Tesco payslip online? to access the portal, you must be an authorized employee. Successful login to Tesco payroll will enable you to access payslips, P60, wages, etc.

To access your current and historic Tesco’s online payslips soft documents, visit the official payslip view website. It takes care of or rather maintains every payroll detail of the valid employees individually.

The Tesco electronic payroll portal was developed for a specific purpose. However, the primary purpose is to allow employees access to their monthly salary slips and other documents online at any time they want.

Required Credentials For Sign-in

You mainly need 2 login credentials which are Employee ID, activation code, and password.

  • Employee Number
  • Activation Code

Check Our Tesco Payslip on your Mobile

Are you going to access your payslip for the first time? if yes, then the given login guide will help you to view, check, download, and print your salary slips and other documents.

To log in at the official payroll portal, the employees will need their employee number and activation code. If you have this then follow the instructions given below.

STEP 1. Visit

tesco payslip

STEP 2. Desktop users click on the Desktop Version.

STEP 2. Now employees will have to enter their EMPLOYEE NUMBER.

STEP 3. Then click on the Continue button.

STEP 4. If your employee number is correct then the login page will open on your system screen.

NOTE: If you entered the wrong employee number then, you will see the message “Employee number has not been recognized”.

Check PayslipView Here

Payslipview Official Portal Access Via Desktop

Are you searching for a payslip view desktop version? Tesco colleagues know very well that if they use a public or private computer/ desktop to access their salary slips then they need to use its desktop version.

If you are going to access the desktop version for the first time then the given instruction is in your favor.

  • Go to Tesco employee payslip portal.
  • Now the desktop users need to click on Desktop Version.
tesco payslip login
  • Hereafter the now the authentication page will open.
tesco payslips
  • Select one from “This is a public computer” or “This is a Private Computer“.
  • Enter your employee number and click on Continue.
  • If you have submitted the correct employee number then the further login process will be shown on your system screen.

Tesco Ireland Payslip Login Steps

Tesco Ireland employees, here you will get a complete guide about the payslip. To view, your payslips follow the given steps.

  1. Visit
  2. On the login page, select which type of system you use for login such as a public or private computer system.
  4. Click on CONTINUE for the further login process.

Login Issue At Official Website

In case you are facing a login issue at the portal then contact the customer helpline number on 01462 652 397 or via email at [email protected].

Keep these things in mind when you visit the official website.

  • Check your internet connection.
  • Use the recognized login credentials.
  • If you forgot login credentials then reset the details.
  • If the official website is not working on the desktop then open the website on mobile.
  • Delete browser cache.
  • Try another internet browser.

Helpline Number

Payslip Explained

Basic HoursUnder this section, your weekly working hours or contracted hours will be described.
DepartmentIt represents the employee department. All employees or staff members are designated in a particular department, so the department holds the department information of all employees.
Employee NameIn this section, you will find your full name according to your documents.
Employee NumberThis is your unique identification number and it is an 8-digit unique number.
Hourly RateAs the terms describe themselves it is the contract between you and Tesco about the Hourly wages.
HoursInformation about the Tesco hourly contract with you in a week.
Job CodeTesco provides a job code to each of its employees. So this is the job code for your job role.
National Insurance NumberIt is a 9-digit unique number. This number holds 3 letters and 6 numbers.
Occupation CodeIt is your Job role code and defines your work inside the Tesco organization.
Tax PeriodTells about the current tax week.
Tax CodeIt is the employee’s personal tax code that determines how much tax an employee will pay.
Tax ReferenceCompany tax reference number.
Payment MethodUnder this section, you will get details about the payment method that you will use. Holds information about payment methods such as Bacs, Cheques, NEFT, and others.
DateCurrent tax weekend date.


About Tesco

Tesco is a multinational corporation founded by Jack Cohen a son of Jewish migrants from Poland in 1919.  The headquarters of Tesco is located in the UK.

Currently, Tesco has more than 4,673 shops worldwide. Tesco is undoubtedly one of the largest retailers in the UK. More than 367321 employees are placed in the Tesco Public Limited Company.


What is my activation code for the Tesco payslips?

The Tesco activation code is the four-digit code that is shown at the bottom of your current or last month’s payslips. You will need to enter your activation code on the second page of the login process on the official payroll portal.

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  3. Had trouble for 6 months, not been able to view payslips,book holiday or overtime, always says password incorrect and never receive email to update password, spoken to managers, my phone number has been updated although never changed, no-one seems to be able to sort it out, why is there not a number we can ring to get these problems sorted


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