Train Driver Salary 2022 Per Hour Monthly Annual Salary In UK

The train driver pay scale in the United Kingdom varies. Hence, check here train driver salary in the UK. Furthermore, know the average train driver hourly wage, monthly, and per year wage slips. So, make sure to check every information available in this article.

In the United Kingdom becoming a train driver means better pay. Currently, there are about 16,000 train drivers in Britain. And all of these drivers receive a handsome salary compared to other professions. Now within this profession, there are different salary packages offered to train drivers.

Since the train in the modern day has been one of the crucial traveling options. Thus, the demand for skilled and experienced train drivers only increases. As a result, the Train driver’s salary in the UK never remains the same. In fact, with the growth in demand, the pay scale will only increase.

Being a train driver in the United Kingdom opens doors to various opportunities such as promotion. It has a bright career prospect. Qualified individuals can work on passenger, freight, or engineering trains. So, with the required qualification, one can apply for the position of driver for different trains.

Therefore, if you aspire of becoming a train driver in the United Kingdom then you should be wary of the salary range. In order to know the train driver’s pay scale, you need to get the necessary information.

Here we bring you all the latest information regarding the salary of a train driver in the United Kingdom. So, below you can check out the train driver pay per year, hourly wage, and train driver monthly salary in the UK.

Train Driver Salary In UK 2022

In the United Kingdom, the salary of train drivers varies depending on various reasons. Therefore, it would be impossible for us to give you the exact figures that you can make a year as a train driver.

However, on the basis of our study and recent updates subjected to the pay scale, we can provide you with the salary range. Basically, the salary of train drivers in the UK falls under this pay scale range.

Train Driver Salary

Other than the salary range we want our readers to get some additional information. Such as that the annual salary package also depends upon the experience and the employing company.

As we know that every successful company looks for an experienced candidate. Furthermore, reputed companies also offer alluring salary packages. So, certain years of experience can have a positive impact in terms of train driver salary.

Well, these were the additional information that we shared with our readers. Thus, now you should know the average pay scale of train drivers in the United Kingdom. Depending on what we know and have found the Train driver yearly salary in UK ranges as mentioned:

  • Minimum Train Driver Salary Per Year UK: £44,000.
  • Average Train Driver Yearly PayScale UK: £54,184.
  • Maximum Train Driver Annual Salary UK: £65,000.

NOTE: The above-mentioned salary figures can be different in some cases based on several factors. In some cases, the pay scale may be below the mentioned minimum scale or more than the maximum figures.

Train Drivers Average Salary UK By Region

The employment location also has its significance in the case of the train driver’s salary range in the UK. So, to understand its impact you just need to be aware that some region in the UK offers comparatively high salary.

As a result train drivers have higher salaries in some regions of the United Kingdom. Now, you must be eager to know the region with a higher pay scale. Therefore, to help you with your eagerness we made some inquiries.

So, based on what we know, there is not much of a difference in terms of the salary package. But there are some regions where train drivers have better salaries. In fact, you can check out the salary of train drivers in different regions of the UK below.

RegionAverage Hourly PayAverage Monthly Salary
Average Salary Per Year.
East Midlands£ 30.00.£ 4,710. £56,526.
London£ 28.00.£ 4,414. £52,969.
East England£ 28.00.£ 4,491.£53,893.
North West£ 28.00.£ 4,502.£54,030.
South East£ 29.00.£ 4,443.£ 53,326.
North East£ 24.00.£ 3,552..£42,634.
West Midlands£ 29.00.£ 4,300‬.£51,600.
Yorkshire£ 30.00.£ 4,569.£54,838.
£ 29.00.£ 4,483.£53,800.

Train Drivers Job Description the UK

For starters, train drivers have to work in a noisy work environment. Furthermore, being a train driver also means that you may have to spend nights away from the comfort of your home due to work demands. And wearing a uniform is mandatory.

Now the primary responsibility of being a train driver is to operate the train on the rail network. However, the rail network depends upon the type of train for instance passenger train, freight, or engineering trains.

A train driver is also responsible for checking controls and equipment, controlling automatic doors, making announcements, etc. For a train driver in the UK, the following skills and knowledge can be helpful.

  • Concentration Skills.
  • Wary of the track signal.
  • Knowledge of the equipment and controlling ability.
  • Observation & Recording skills.
  • Diligent and reliable qualities.
  • Aware of public safety and security.


Regarding the train drivers in the UK, readers must have concerns other than Train Driver’s salary. So, to help readers with such queries we included some questions subjected to train drivers. Therefore, here below you can find important information that can be useful.

Question 1. How to become a Train Driver in the UK?

ANS: One must have the determination and okay with hard work to become a train driver in the United Kingdom. Now there are certain mandatory requirements for becoming a train driver such as the following.

  • Aspirants must be over 20 years.
  • Apply for a training program with an operating railway company.
  • To be accepted for the training program passing the medical test is mandatory.
  • GCSEs at Grades 9 to 4 (A* to C) or equivalent in English & Maths.

Question 2. Career Prospect of Train Drivers?

ANS: After the completion of the apprenticeship program one can work on passenger, freight, or engineering trains. Gradually, after certain years of experience, one can apply for work as an instructor in the training program. One can also move into management, supervising.

Question 3. Which city offers has high train driver salary in the UK?

ANS: There are a number of cities with a high pay scale in the United Kingdom. Here are some of the cities with higher salary packages.

  • Leeds: £61,700.
  • Greater Manchester: £57,500.
  • London: £55,000.
  • Swansea £53,000.
  • Birmingham: £50,000.

Question 4. How much does an entry-level train driver make in the UK?

ANS: Being an entry-level train driver means that you lack experience. As a result, a candidate with no experience is bound to receive low pay. In fact, the pay scale can be lower than the minimum salary we have mentioned in our earlier section. Below you can check out what can be the starting salary of entry-level train drivers.

  • £20,000 to £30,000 per year.
  • £1600 to £2500 monthly.
  • £11.00 to £17.00. per hour.

Question 5. Railways with highest train Drivers PayScale UK?

ANS: In the United Kingdom there are several railways. And these railways have different pay scales. Here below we have mentioned the top 5 railways that have the highest train drive salaries in the entire UK.

  1. Virgin Trains: £62,000 to £69,000.
  2. Crosscountry Trains: £60,000 to £62,000.
  3. Arriva Group: £59,000 to £62,000.
  4. London Overground Rail Operations: £57,000 to £60,000.
  5. Govia Thameslink Railway: £57,000 to £60,000.


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