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UHI developed an online portal for its staff and students known as the Myday UHI portal. UHI Myday portal is a university portal that is designed for all its students and staff.

From this My Day UHI portal, you can access various services in a single place. For login help visit uhi.ac.uk/en/lis/servicedesk/ Accessibility information can be found at uhi.ac.uk/en/accessibility.

From the UHI Mayday portal, you can view your admission status, scholarships, and grades and also can register for classes. 

These all facilities are available online on the official UHI My Day portal. To get these services and the advantages of the UHI mayday portal you need to sign in to your account using your user id and password.

If you do not have the login credentials and don’t know then contact your service desk team at the following mail [email protected].

UHI Myday Login Online @myday.uhi.ac.uk

All the students and staff members of UHI, who are accessing the Mayday UHI portal for the first time need to review and confirm their profile data.

Now login at www.myday.uhi.ac.uk using your full university ID which is [email protected] and Use your usual password to sign in. 

Credentials Required for My Day UHI Login

  • UserID
  • Password

Now if you have the following credentials then follow the below steps to sign in at myday.uhi.ac.uk.

STEP 1. Visit the official UHI Myday portal i.e. myday.uhi.ac.uk.

STEP 2. On the login page enter your username and click on Next.

UHI Myday
UHI Myday

STEP 3. Now on the next page enter your password and click on Sign In.

STEP 4. Now you are redirected to your dashboard. Now you can check all your personal details from the UHI My Day Portal.

My Day UHI LoginView Here
UHI Portalmyday.uhi.ac.uk

Myday UHI Login HelpDesk

UHI developed a service desk that helps its students and staff member. The UHI service desk is available for all University students. You can contact the UHI team through email and call.

If you have any query regarding the login or any other queries then contact on the below details.

NOTE: You will be asked for your UserID when you call. Your user ID is your Student or staff ID.

About UHI

UHI is known as the University of the Highlands and Islands. The motto of UHI is to provide University level study in the Highlands and Islands. UHI is established in 2011.

UHI has more than 13 colleagues and research institutions in the Highlands and Islands.

The University of the Highlands and Islands provides undergraduate, postgraduate, and research programs education across the UK. Currently, there are thousands of students that are getting their education from the UHI. 



As we know, the UHI Myday Login system offers a convenient and helpful way for students and staff to access essential resources and information such as academic materials, schedules, and campus news only after a successful login. Here in this article, I have shared how to log in to UHI My Day Microsoft sign-in page, and more helpful information.

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