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Let’s know how to view or access the WGC payslip & documents from the WGC people payroll hub. WGC Ltd. group employees get their salary slips, pension, P60, P45, letters, and other important details on the online portal WGC Hub i.e www.wgcpeople.co.uk. WGC Permanent, Temporary, full-time, part-time employees e-payslips available online that is provided through the WGC Hub.

WGC employee payment shall be made on the basis of pay periods in each calendar year and shall be made not later than the pay period. The WGC obtains and verifies remittances (payments) due under the terms of the WGC collective agreements.

WGC Employees should be aware of the fact that you must get your salary statement details in the form of payslips. There is no exception, if you get paid on a weekly or biweekly, or monthly basis, a payslip must be provided respectively.

Firstly, your payslips substantiate your employment as a WGC Ltd group employee. Secondly, you can get every possible detail of your payment particulars through your payslips.

Specifically, in your payslips details related to your payment particulars, tax payments, etc will be mentioned. Furthermore, other personal details will be available on your WGC monthly weekly income slip.

WGC Payslip Online Login at www.wgcpeople.co.uk

As we said that to check your WGC payslip online you have to visit the WGC hub. Then to proceed or rather access your payroll account you must complete your WGC ltd payslips login.

Now, even though you are an employee of WGC ltd Group, login is mandatory. Every employee must log in. To log in, you are going to need your login credentials i.e, Payroll number & Password.

STEP 1. First of all, employees should access the official WGC ltd pay hub portal. We have provided the link so you can just click on this link to proceed to www.wgc.ltd.uk.

STEP 2. Now enter your PAYROLL ID ( Payroll Number) & PASSWORD.

wgc payslip

STEP 3. Then click on the SIGN IN button.

STEP 4. After this, your WGC payroll account will be displayed on your screen.

STEP 5. Now you can check out your current WGC payslip or the payslips of previous weeks or months.

WGC PayslipView Here
WGC Websitehttps://wgc.ltd.uk/yourwgc/

WGC Payslip Official Webpages

CompanyWGC Ltd group
WGC PayslipView Now
Forgotten Login Password?Reset Now
New RegistrationVisit Here
Official Websitewww.wgc.ltd.uk

WGC Payslips Login Forgot Password Reset Steps

The WGC hub can help employees to create a new password in case they forgot their previous password. However, there are details to be provided and instructions to be followed by the individuals.

As per the details are concerned you need your Payroll id, National Insurance Number, email address, and mobile number. When you have these details then just follow the instructions below.

STEP 1. Well, as per the norms you can change your password specifically at the WGC Hub. So, open the official page of the WGC pay hub (www.wgc.ltd.uk.)

STEP 2. At the login page look for “FORGOT PASSWORD”. When you see it click on this option.

STEP 3. On the next page, you have to enter the necessary details and create a new password.

STEP 4. Finally, you can click on “UPDATE PASSWORD”.

STEP 5. Once you receive a verification message you can then use your new password to login in the future.

WGC Hub Registration Steps

WGC Hub is quick and very easy to use, registration, or login takes a few minutes only, after the successful registration and login you will get secure access to everything from here.

If you want to know how to get WGC registration then we can help you with the process. But you must have certain personal details such as your Payroll number, National Insurance number, email & mobile number.

STEP 1. Every new user must register at the official WGC Hub. To get the hub here click on this link www.wgc.ltd.uk.

STEP 2. At the WGC Hub login page scroll down and then select the REGISTER option.

STEP 3. Now on the next page fill the blank fields with appropriate details. Remember all fields are mandatory meaning you have to enter the required details without fail.

STEP 4. When you have filled the fields with the required details you can then click on REGISTER.

STEP 5. A confirmation message will be sent by the hub to complete your registration. Once your registration is complete you can access your WGC payslips online.


Regarding the WGC ltd payslip, there were certain queries of employees which we included in this article. So, at the end of our article, we have mentioned a few questions along with their answers related to employees’ concerns about their My WGC payslips.

What is the process to get WGC Hub payslip?
The process of My WGC payslip is simple. All you have to do is the first login at WGC pay Hub. After you login in and have access to your WGC payroll account, you can either save or print desired payslip online.

How to check the previous WGC payslip?
When you log in you will have complete access to your WGC payroll account. You can find the desired payslip since in your account every payslip will be stored.

How do I get the WGC Hub App?
You can get the WGC pay hub mobile app from your respective application provider. There is a WGC Hub mobile application for both Android and iOS-powered mobile phones.

What is the WGC payroll helpline contact?
You can contact the WGC payroll helpline through email or mobile. The contact details are mentioned below.

About WGC People Hub

WGC Ltd group is one of the UK’s leading outsourced cleaning services and management providers. It was founded in 1974 based on 7 Academy Building, London, Greater London N1 6LQ GB.

It is also regarded as one of the best professional hotel cleaning services providers. Hence, as a result of the WGC ltd.UK works in pa partnerships with companies such as Native, ARGO Group, SHIVA Hotels, Welcome Break, etc.

Now other than offering employment opportunities the WGC group also offers apprenticeships to its employees. Along with such opportunities, these WGC group offers pretty decent salaries.

WGC employee gets their salary every week or according to the pay policy of the company. However, once the employees get paid they can make sure to check their WGC payroll details at My WGC pay hub.


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