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WHSmith portal is a cloud-based online workforce management software, that provides WHSmith employees exclusive online facilities like WHSmith payslip and work schedule. Normally, these online facilities are available to enable employees to maintain their personal records with respect to their employment.

The online facilities available at the WHSmith employee portal make access to information pretty convenient. Furthermore, with facilities such as personalized account management, employees can edit their personal profiles as per their preference.

In short, the portal allows users to gain access to information that is personal. As a matter of fact, it grants WHSmith employees access to their personal accounts, along with personalized account management facilities online.

About WHSmith UK

WHSmith or W.H Smith founded in 1792 is a British retailer, headquartered in Swindon, England, UK. As a retailer, WHSmith operates a chain of railway stations, airports, hospitals, high streets, railway stations, hospitals, etc. It also operates service station shops where books, stationery, magazines, newspapers, and entertainment products are sold.

The company was founded by Henry Walton Smith along with his wife Anna in 1792. Initially, it started as a news vendor which expanded during the 1970s. Other than being the creator of the ISBN book identifier, WHSmith was also the first retail chain in the world. It is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index, and as a publicly-traded company, it is also listed on the London Stock Exchange.

WH Smith operates in more than 1,700 locations across the United Kingdom, and other nations such as Canada, France, etc. As of 2021, WHSmith had more than 11,235 employees. In 2017, the company celebrated its 22nd anniversary.

WHSmith Payslip Login Step by Step Guide

For any employee before gaining access to WHSmith Payslip, the WHSmith login must be completed. Furthermore, it is mandatory for the user to log in specifically at the official WH Smith employee login page. The user in order to log in successfully must make sure to follow the WHSmith employee login guidelines or rather the official process.

Now, if following the guidelines is necessary then according to these guidelines providing the username and password is mandatory. Therefore, to log in you will need your official login credentials so that you can log in successfully when you;

STEP 1. Visit the official WH Smith Employee Login page at www.sdworx.co.uk.

STEP 2. You will be redirected to the WHSmith Login page.

STEP 3. Here enter your Email, Username, and Password.

WHSmith Payslip
WHSmith Payslip

STEP 4. Then click on the Login option.

STEP 5. Finally, the portal should then give you access to your account.

WHSmith PayslipView Here
WH Smith Portalhttps://www.sdworx.co.uk/

Reset WHS Employee Login Password

If the WHSmith employees if they want to be able to reset their WHSmith Payslip login forgotten password on their own, then they will need information that is accurate. And the information and the instructions that have been provided here are in conformity with the official guidelines.

Although, here you can find detailed information regarding the password reset process. Yet, without your username, and email you cannot reset your password due to the fact that these details are mandatory requirements. However, if you have these details then to reset your WHSmith login password all you need to do is:

  • Go to the WHSmith UK login portal.
  • On the homepage of WHSmith, the employee portal click on Forgotten Password.
  • The user is then redirected to the password recovery page.
  • On this page, you need to enter your Email, Username.
  • To proceed click on Reset My Account.
  • You can then reset your password.

WHSmith Employee Portal Benefits

The WH Smith employee login portal is developed with features that can benefit every user, by enabling convenient personalized management of your account. As a result, each user will have control over their account and constant access to the information they desire.

Hence, with the help of features available at the WHSmith employee portal, employees not

  • WHSmith employee portal can be visited anytime since it is an online platform.
  • Only authorized users (WHSmith employees) can make use of the online facilities that are available.
  • For, WHSmith employees the WHSmith UK login is provided through a secure connection.
  • After successful WHSmith login employees can have full access to their personal accounts.
  • Once granted access employees can check their work schedule, payslips, tax record, and leave details.
  • Employees can also use the Forgotten Your Password option to reset WHSmith’s login password.

WH Smith UK Company Benefits For Employees

Every individual or rather WH Smith employee must be interested in knowing the benefits and perks they are entitled to. So, to help such individuals with their queries with respect to WHSmith employee benefits and perks here is a list of such benefits that have been provided.

The following benefits are provided to every single WHSmith employee. And the objective of providing such benefits is to assist employees in different aspects of their lives. Even if you are a fresh recruit then you should also learn about the benefits package.

  • WHSmith employees can avail themselves of WHSmith Staff discounts.
  • WH Smith UK staff are entitled to an annual paid holiday.
  • Staff is provided with medical insurance for their overall wellness.
  • Employees are offered overtime, bonus, pay, and rewards.
  • Pensions to retired WHSmith staff are provided.
  • Training, and learning programs for personal and professional development.

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What are the steps for downloading WHSmith Payslip online?

Any WHSmith staff who log in can download the WHSmith payslip. So, it is mandatory for the employee to login in order to download the WHSmith salary slip when desired. To learn the entire downloading process you can check out the following steps.

  • Go to the WHSmith employee login page.
  • At the WHSmith, Employee Portal enter your Username and Password.
  • Click on the Login option.
  • Now, go to the Payroll/Payslip section.
  • Select week/month and year.
  • Tap on View Details/View Payslip.
  • Finally, click on the Download option.

How do I register at WHSmith Employee Portal?

WHSmith staff who are not registered with the WHSmith login portal, will not have a personal account they can log in to. Therefore, to set up an account you need to register first. So, to register you not only need to follow the instructions provided below, but you also need to provide the details that are required.

  • Visit the WHSmith Login portal.
  • At the homepage click on the Register Here option.
  • You are then redirected to the Registration Page.
  • On this page enter your Name, Email Address, and Password.
  • Then click on Create Account.
  • Finally, your WHSmith staff account will be created.


When it comes to WHSmith Employee login, having information that is in adherence to the official WHSmith login guidelines is crucial. Therefore, the contents of this article are based on the official guidelines. Similarly, instructions for resetting WHSmith staff login password, and WHSmith payslip download are provided. For more details on WH Smith UK employee login, you can comment below.

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