Pilot Salary In UK 2022 Easyjet, Ryanair, British Airways Pilot Salary Chart

In the United Kingdom pilots have different salaries. However, here you can check out the detailed Easyjet, Raynair, and British Airways pilot salary in the UK. In this current era, transportation has become an integral aspect of our lives. Thus, the aviation sector has grown exponentially.

The aviation industry is one of the largest in the world. The aviation sector in every country adds value to its economy. Hence, this makes it a valuable asset. Every day there are thousands of passengers that travel with airlines around the world.

Similarly, in the United Kingdom, the aviation sector offers domestic and international travel. And different companies provide the luxury of airline travel to several destinations.

With the increase in air travel, the aviation sectors are expected to grow more in the coming years. As a result of such growth, this sector ensures more employment. Thus, the demands of qualified aspirants in the airline industry will increase.

Talking about airline employment the industry is always in demand of qualified and skilled pilots. Among the airline employees, the pilot certainly has one of the highest salaries.

In terms of the pay scale, the profession of the pilot can be considered a well-paying job in the United Kingdom. So, to know more about the Pilot salary in the UK let’s take a look at the statistics.

Along with the general pilot salary in the UK, we should check out the pilot salary of different airlines. So, we have included details of Easyjet pilot salary,  BA Pilot salary, and Raynair pilot salary details, etc.

Pilot Salary UK 2021

Although, the salary of a pilot in the United Kingdom varies depending upon various factors. However, to let you know the average pilot salary in the UK regardless of the differences we updated this section.

Pilot Salary

Here you should be able to get the information regarding the average pilot salary in the UK. The size of the airline companies also dictates the salary of its employees. Other than the employing company other factors affect the salary of a pilot in the UK.

Such factors would be the experience of the pilot. Pilots with higher experience get higher salaries. Meanwhile, pilots with less experience receive fewer salary offers. The experience of the individual seems to be the most crucial requirement for a higher pay scale.

Here below we have mentioned the average salary of a pilot in the UK depending upon the position and experience.

  • Depending upon the size of the airline company an entry-level first office with little to no experience can make anywhere between £24,000. to £28,000 per year.
  • Similarly, first officers with certain years of experience under their sleeves can make £36,000. to £46,000 yearly.
  • Finally, the starting salary of a pilot or captain of a medium-sized aircraft falls between £57,000 to £78,000 annually.
  • And captain with years of experience employed by big airline companies can receive salary packages ranging between £97,000 to  £140,000 per year.

NOTE: The above-mentioned salary figures should be considered as the guide in terms of the pilot salary. Since the salary of a pilot increases every year due to the increments, thus the above-mentioned pay scale may not be accurate.

Salary Of Pilot By Airline

As we said that several airline companies operate under the British aviation sector. And each of these airline companies has its number of employees including their pay scale.

The salary of a pilot varies according to their employer or the airline company. However, even airline companies offer salaries specifically depending upon the experience of the individual.

After conducting surveys on the pay scale of the pilots of several UK airlines we have been able to create salary statistics. However, these pay scale numbers may not be accurate but it does provide the approximate salary of a pilot.

In the chart below under each airline company, we have mentioned the average pilot salary per year. You can now check the salary of the first-class officers and a captain of an aircraft.

Here below we have the average Easyjet pilot salary, British Airways pilot pay scale, and pilot salary Raynair airlines in UK 2021. So, to know the salary of a pilot of your preferred UK airline take a look at the table below.

  • British Airways Pilot Average Salary: £79,989
  • EasyJet Pilot Average salary: £67,423
  • Ryanair Pilot Average Salary: £65,000


Other than concerns regarding the pay scale of a pilot in the United Kingdom you might have certain queries. Although, every query cannot be mentioned in this section here are some of the common questions asked by my most aspiring individuals.

Question 1. What is the starting salary of pilots in the UK?

ANS: As we have mentioned in the earlier sections of our article starting salary of a pilot depends upon various factors. Having said that in the starting pilots are likely to earn between ;

  • £24,000 to £28,000 per year.
  • £2,000 to £2,333 per monthly.
  • £14.00 to £16.00 per hour.

Question 2. Which are the top 5 UK Airline companies?

ANS: Depending upon the service quality, punctuality, and other services we have picked out the top 5 airlines that operate in the United Kingdom.

  1. Virgin Atlantic.
  2. British Airways.
  3. FlyBe.
  4. Jet2.com.
  5. EasyJet

Question 3. What is the career prospect for a pilot?

ANS: Initially, every pilot first becomes a first officer who is considered to be the second-in-command on the aircraft. Once employed as a first officer you will be the co-pilot of a captain of an airplane.

As you gain experience as a first officer you can then become a captain of an aircraft. But there is a catch. To become a captain, a first officer must complete an intensive training course.

Finally, the promotion of a first-class officer to a captain depends upon various factors. However, after becoming a captain you will then take command of an aircraft while your salary increases.

Question 4. How to become a pilot in the UK?

ANS: Becoming a pilot in the United Kingdom can be costly. However, after the completion of training one can get handsome salary packages. So, if you want to become a pilot in the United Kingdom then you must have the following qualification.

  • Five GCSEs & two A-level to enroll for pilot training programs.
  • You must acquire a personal Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL). You can get your ATPL by enrolling for an Integrated Course or Modular training.
  • Integrated Course: This is a full-time course with a duration of 18 months. It comprises of flight training with theory classes, practicals. However, it is an expensive course with an expense of between £80,000 to £90,000.
  • Modular Training: This training is similar to the integrated course. But unlike the integrated course this training can be carried out in chunks. You can complete the theory part of this course either by full time or distance learning. You may require a private pilot license with 150 hours of flying before you can start the practical flying aspects of the course.

Job Description

First of all, the working hours of a pilot depend upon the type of airlines such as scheduled airlines, chartered airlines, or freight airlines. Similarly, the work environment, duties, and responsibilities differ.

However, the core duty of any pilot is to fly an aircraft. Generally, pilots are required to work between 9 am to 5 pm. But these working hours depend and vary based on several factors. You can say that the working hours depend upon the schedule.

Other than flying an airplane a pilot must be informative regarding the route, weather, etc. A pilot must also follow rules and regulations, check every system most importantly the safety systems.


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