Police Salary UK 2022 Hourly, Monthly, Annual Salary Report

Would you like to know the police pay scale in the UK ? Well, then you need to get the details of police salary in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, find out the hourly pay, monthly, yearly salary in the UK.

The police department of any country regardless of their area enforces law and order. Similarly, the UK police serve as a law enforcement agency. However, law enforcement in the UK operates according to a particular legal system. And due to this legal system, the police in the UK police have been organized separately.

The regional police services carried out by police officers to enforce the law within their jurisdiction. And these regional police forces are also known as the territorial police forces.

Other than regional police departments there are other law enforcement agencies in the UK. Such agencies are National law enforcement agencies, Miscellaneous police services. These UK wide agencies complement to the regional services.

As a United Kingdom police serviceman, one can certainly earn the respect of the people. And the law enforcement agencies in the UK also offers bright career prospects. Being a police officer one can receive a decent paycheck and enjoy increment over time.

In this article and it’s the section we take a look at the overall aspects of the police salary in the UK. We have also included some of the basic but useful information for our readers. Therefore, you should definitely check out the contents of this article to get rid of your queries.

Police Salary UK 2022

The salary of police officers in the United Kingdom depends upon two factors. And these factors would be experience and rank. In fact, the salary of a policeman increase along with service years. And higher-ranking officers in the department have higher pay compared to their subordinates.

However other than ranks and services the type of law enforcement can also affect the salary of UK police. For instance, the salary of a regional police officer can be different than that of the National Crime Agency.

But since here we are talking about the regional police department of the UK. Thus, we would like you to know the average salary of police in the United Kingdom. Now then the salary of a policeman comprises basic pay and other perks and allowances.

Below you can check the average salary of a police officer in the United Kingdom. The pay scale is mentioned for the police department in general.

  • Basic Police Salary In UK: £19,971  per year.
  • Average Police Pay in the UK: £40,900 per year.
  • Highest Police Pay Scale In UK:  £89,511 per year.

NOTE: The above-mentioned figures may not be the exact figures given the fact that it pays scale changes often.

Police Officer Salary In UK By Rank

In the above section, we mentioned the average salary of police officers in general. So, here we are going to dig a bit deeper. Basically, in this section, we have got the salary details of the Police pay scale in the UK by rank.

Like we said other than the ranks the service years also determine the salary of a police officer. In fact, the salary can be different between two officers due to the difference in service years. For instance, entry-level constables have lower salaries than constables with certain years of service.

Furthermore, in terms of Police chief salary the size of the force and crime demand determines the salary. Hence, the pay of chief rank officers can vary across the regions of the United Kingdom.

Under the regional police departments in the UK, there are several ranks. So, to help you understand the overall police salary in the UK ranks wise we have prepared a table. In this table, you can check the salary of each rank.

Police Salary UK

UK Police Officers Perks & Allowances

Other than their basic salary the police officers are entitled to various perks and allowances. Such perks and allowances benefit the police officers in several aspects of life.

These perks and allowances vary according to the region. Basically, the policemen receive these allowances according to their region. As a result, it ends up affecting the annual income of policemen.

Below you can go through the list of perks and allowances that comes with police services.

  • Certain pension schemes and their benefits.
  • 22 days of annual leave that can be up to 30 days with more service years.
  • Maternity pays and leaves.
  • Support pay ( up to 14 days).
  • Paid Allowances.
  • Sick leave on full pay for up to 6 months.
  • Entitled to annual incremental pay of at least 2 percent.

Furthermore, along with the above-mentioned perks and allowances the police officers receive regional allowances.

These regional allowances add up to the annual pay of the police officers. However, the annual amount received as a regional allowance can vary depending upon the regions. Here check the regional allowances for some of the regional police departments.

  1. London: £6,735 yearly.
  2. Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Surrey, or Thames Valley: £3,000 per year.
  3. Bedfordshire, Hampshire or Sussex: £2,000 per year.

Job Profile

As we all know that the primary priority of the police is to maintain law and order. Hence, the police in the United Kingdom have no different duties other than to enforce the law. But, maintain law and order comes with several duties and responsibilities.

In the United Kingdom, police officers receive certain authority enabling them to execute their duties. Such duties would include protection of life, public property, preserving peace. But one of the most important duties of UK police is to detect and prevent criminal offenses.

As a police officer one should be able to work 40 hours per week on average. Below you can check out some of the general duties of a police officer in the United Kingdom:

  • Enforcing law and order.
  • Attending to cases.
  • Registering cases that come to their police station.
  • Conducting interviews when required.
  • Updating crime reports.
  • Evidence collection.


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