Software Engineer Salary In UK 2022 Hourly Monthly Yearly Salary By State

Software Engineer Salary 2022 Hourly, Per Month & Yearly Salary UK: There are several salary packages offered to Software engineer in the United Kingdom. Hence you should check out the Software engineer salary per hour, monthly, and yearly pay scale.

With the increase in demand of software developers. Thus employers intend to employ qualified and skilled individuals as software engineers. In the current world, it is one of the best career fields. As a matter of fact, it is the 7th best profession.

The job growth projected at more than 15% by 2028 only illustrate the hiring appetites of the employers. And with the growing demand, this profession has higher earning potential compared to other professions.

Like in every other country the United Kingdom has a high demand for skilled software engineers. On the basis of the recent survey, there are about more than 300, 000 software developers across the United Kingdom.

Furthermore, these numbers will certainly increase over the years. So, individuals with respective qualifications and potential may find jobs without any trouble. And they might end up receiving a handsome salary package.

Now then talking about the salary packages. In the following sections, you can find the salary of software engineers in the UK in 2022. In fact, you can check out the entire salary packages offers based on various factors.

Software Engineer Salary UK 2022

In the United Kingdom, software engineers do not have the same income. Basically, there are different salary packages offered to individuals by employers. These salary packages depend upon various factors.

Among these factors, the qualification and experience of the individual would be the most important. But, other factors such as employment locations, employers also have their own significance.

Software Engineer Salary UK
Software Engineer Salary UK

However, nothing can beat the impact made by qualification and experience. For instance, software engineers with good qualifications and years of experience can negotiate for a higher salary. Meanwhile, entry-level software developers are likely to make less than their experienced counterparts.

Some of the cities offer higher salary packages compared to some cities. And in terms of employer well its obvious that bigger companies with a reputation are likely to present a better offer.

Either way, you can get offers based on your potential, qualification, and skills. In order to help you with the general idea of salary indifference, we have some statistics. You can check out the minimum, average, and higher salary package.

For the record, these numbers below concern the salary of software engineers in the entire United Kingdom.

  • Minimum Software Engineer Salary: £ 18,000 to £  24,000 per year. 
  • Average Salary for Software Engineer in the UK: £ 37,000 to £  55,000 per year.
  • Maximum Software Developer Income In UK: £  60,000 to £ 90,000 per year.

NOTE: The salary statistics mentioned above may vary. Therefore, the above salary figures may not be accurate considering the increase in salary packages.

Software Engineer Pay In UK By Region

The United Kingdom is made up of different countries or four nations in particular. These countries are England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Furthermore, the United Kingdom has 10 different regions.

Now then in these 10 different regions of the United Kingdom, there are a number of software developers. And the developers from each region record their earnings respectively. In fact, in some regions, developers have a higher pay scale compared to other regions.

So, in order to provide you the average salary of a software engineer in each region we did some research. As a result, we have been able to create a salary table. In this table, you can see the name of the regions along with the average salary of a software engineer.

We would also like to inform you that the salaries mentioned below may not be accurate. However, it definitely gives you the basic information regarding the average pay scale of a software engineer in each region.

RegionsSalary Per year
East Midlands£40, 601
England£46, 260.
East of England £42, 873.
London £50,000.
North West £50,704.
North East£41,770.
West Midlands£42,500.
South East£40,000.
Yorkshire and the Humbler£39,811.


If you are someone who aspires to become a software engineer or if you are an entry-level developer then you may have several queries. You may have questions regarding job opportunities, salaries, etc.

Therefore, in this final section, we ought to help you with such concerns. Although there are just a number of questions we sincerely hope that the following contents are useful.

Question 1. How to Become a Software Engineer?

ANS: In order to become a software developer you first need to have the mandatory qualification.  Here is the qualification that you must have if you want to become a software engineer.

  1. Degree in IT department ( software department).
  2. Computing Degree.
  3. During your bachelor’s, you must have five GCSEs (A-C) including Maths, English, and science.


  1. Vocational qualification with level 3 qualification in computer science.

Question 2. How much does an entry-level software engineer make in the UK?

ANS: Well based upon our survey we cannot give you the exact salary of an entry-level software developer in the UK. However, we can provide you the range of salary that if offers by employers.

Generally, entry-level software engineers make £ 18,000 to £  24,000 annually.

Question 3. Which cities in the UK offer high software engineer salary packages?

ANS: There are a number of cities where you can receive higher salary offers. Below you can check out the top 10 cities that offer higher per yearly salary than by other cities in the United Kingdom.

  1. City Of London: £ 72,500.
  2. Central London: £ 72,000.
  3. East London: £ 70,000.
  4. Cambridge, Cambridgeshire: £ 67,000.
  5. South West London: £ 67,000.
  6. Southampton: £ 65,000.
  7. Reading: £ 62,000.
  8. Birmingham: £ 60,000.
  9. Edinburgh: £ 59,000.
  10. Leeds, West Yorkshire: £ 57,000.

NOTE: The salary we have mentioned here can vary. So, it may be higher than the average Software engineer annual salary mentioned here.

Job Description

Being a software developer comes with a number of responsibilities. Most of these duties and responsibilities concern technical tasks such as programming or developing software. So, developing software would be the primary duty of a software engineer.

However, there are other duties that concern research, designs, evaluation programs for improvements. One of the major roles of software engineers is to be a team player in order to coordinate with coders to map out several programs, etc.

Among many skills, a software engineer must be able to meet the expectations of their clients. They should also be able to work long hours when necessary in order to meet the deadline for any given project.


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