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The Abacus payroll system issues Abacus employees’ digital Abacus payslips. View and print hourly, daily, shifts, fortnightly, and monthly paperless sample e-payslips online from the official payroll portal of Abacus Recruitment.

To check or view the Abacus payslip you need a Userid, password, company, and token number. Abacus facilitates its employees by PAYE(Pay As You Earn).

Overtime pay, bonuses and commission, salary and wages, tips, allowances, and claims when paid in cash, lump sum, compensation payments, adoption pay, P11D, P9D, P60s, etc., are all included in the final payments report.

The Abacus payroll software was specially launched for its employees. Abacus employees can view their payslips anytime and anywhere using the Abacus online payroll software, which produces an accurate payment report for all Abacus employees.

Abacus Payslips Login @ptronline.co.uk

Abacus employees who receive average monthly payments of €1500 are paid quarterly. Companies with fewer employees are working with the physical distribution of payment receipts, but the company that works with thousands of employees is using a unique payroll solution for the distribution of payslips electronically.

Abacus employees can save time by checking payroll documents using payment software. It’s free, efficient, accurate, fast, and easy to use, and it gives you complete control of your data 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you are newly recruited in Abacus, then you must know how to view online Abacus payslips online.

How do you sign in/log in to the Abacus Recruitment Payroll Portal?

To sign in to the Abacus payroll portal, you need the correct login credentials (user ID, password, token(if required)). If you enter a working digit or word for your login credentials by mistake, you will receive a message saying you are unauthenticated/ failed.

Step 1. Visit the Abacus payroll portal direct web address, i.e. https://www.ptronline.co.uk/.

Step 2. Enter your user ID, employee number, password, and Token.

Abacus Payslips
Abacus Payslips

Step 3. After entering all Sign-In credentials, click the Sign-In button.

Step 4. Now, from your Abacus profile, you can check your online payslips.

Check PayslipView Official Page
Official Websitehttps://ptronline.co.uk/

How to Reset Abacus Login Password?

You can register at your local branch if you have forgotten your password. Hereafter, visit the Abacus online payslip web portal to recover the password. Let’s learn how to recover it by following a very simple online process.

Step 1. Go to https://www.ptronline.co.uk/.

Step 2. Click on the Forgotten Password link.

Step 3. Now, a forgotten password form will open.

Step 4. Enter your User ID, Date of Birth, National Insurance Number, Postcode, and new password.

Step 5. Hereafter, click on the “Reset Password” button.

Abacus First Visit Registration

Abacus employees who don’t register on the Abacus recruitment payroll portal can access their payslips online. If you want to register him/herself by then, the first visit registration section is also built on the application.

You can also register at your local branch. Let’s know how to create login credentials the first time to check your payslip electronically.

  • Visit https://www.ptronline.co.uk/.
  • Click on the First Visit Registration text link.
  • Enter all required details of first visit registration.
  • Enter your Date Of Birth, National Insurance Number, Postcode, and password.
  • Click on the Register button.


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