My View Highland Council Login to View Payslip & Pension

In my view Highland payroll self-service portal holds the digital records of Highland Council employees/ colleagues. Visit to view and print the official payslip, P60, and other personal details online.

The Highland Council integrated the HR/ payroll system mostly used by the employees to review their historic and current and future payslips online.

My VIew Highland Council dashboard or my view portal allows its employees to edit and review various job-related details with the help of a self-service portal.

Highland Council employees are eligible to change or update their contact and emergency contact details, personal details, bank details, equal opportunity, holiday requests, leave requests, home addresses, etc.

The Highland Council My view employees’ online net payment is cumulated with the total gross, taxable gross, tax paid, employees NI, employers NI, pens able gross, and Ees Pension.

My View Highland Council Payslips Online

Highland my view self-service payroll portal was developed to help its employees via advanced online service and minimize printing, and postage costs, and claim and submit expenses for approval.

Myview is a very useful and user-friendly payroll portal of Highland that produces sensible, valid, and accurate data on the accessor system screen.

Users if you use the Highland Council my view payroll section anytime or anywhere or any system then, please remember to log out from the My View self-service portal when you have finished using it.

The portal enables you to access your payment-related details online, But it is your responsibility how to keep your personal details safe.

Be sure to remember a few things before logging in

  • Use personal system” laptop, desktop, android, and iPhones” for login.
  • Keep your login details safe, don’t share them with others.
  • Remember to log out when you finish the task.

How to Login into Myview Highland Counsil Self-Service Portal?

Payslip is very easy to view and print from the My View Highland’s self-service official website. All the employees who have registered for the use of the Myview page are now authorized to sign in.

To access their monthly payment details let’s know how to log in and view the payslips and pensions online.

Step 1. Initially visit (official payroll portal of Highland Council).

Step 2. Scroll down the page and click on SIGN IN TO MYVIEW.

My View Highland Council Login
My View Highland Council Login

Step 3. Enter your Sign In Username or Email and click on Next.

Step 4. Enter your Password and click on Sign in.

For Myview Portal Login Click Here

Highland My View New Registration

Employees who are new in the Highland Council organization and don’t know how to access the Highland myview portal.

First of all, register yourself by mailing your National Insurance Number or payroll number at [email protected](the official email address for registration).

Once your details have been verified, you will receive a confirmation mail at the associate mail address with instructions on how to use the Highland my view service.


What is P60?

P60 is a statement or certificate issued to the workforce. P60 shows the pensions and tax details at the end of a tax year. Highland Council P60 certificates are released online to minimize postage and paper costs. Your P60 is always uploaded to Myview portal in May annually.

What is my view of E-payslip?

E stands for an electronic payslip. Highland Council colleagues are authorized to access e-salary receipts from the Myview portal on every pay date. To view and print the digital payslip are required to have login credentials. Highland my view is a one-stop electronic payment service provider portal that allows you to check, and print your payslip without visiting an actual account cell office.

How can I check and print my salary receipt from Myview Portal?

Visit and enter their payroll ID and password. After completing the login task you will authorize to view your digital payslip, now do what you want to do.


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  1. I retired October 2020. Can see all payslips & P60. However, I can’t access previous docs whilst employed. I need this to arrange a tax refund I am due. Can you help?


  2. I was a former employee at Merckinch Primary, and I can’t check my payslips as I am no longer employed my ID and password does not work. Can you help please?


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