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PMP employees can check their PMP payslip online via the official PMP Cordant Login Portal. Check PMP recruitment online payslips at Here you will get a complete guide about how to register in the PMP portal.

The PMP login is an online process, so you are going to need a laptop or a computer and a steady internet connection. However, the most critical requirements would be your user id and password.

Every employee definitely wants to know about her/his payment or rather salary details. Thus, to provide such details the employer issues a personal payslip for every payment. But to acquire their payslips employees must follow certain rules as per the official instructions.

Login is mandatory for every employee to have access to their salary particulars of the week or month. To ensure that the employees do not come across any trouble we created a simple process. Here below you can see the instruction laid out for the PMP Payslip login online.

PMP Payslip Online View Steps

PMP employee can check their online payslip from the official web portal of the PMP recruitment. To check your payslip you need to login to the official portal using your User ID and Password.

Here are the easy steps which will be helpful for you all employees to check your online payroll.

PMP Payslip

STEP 1. Go to PMP Online Login Portal or click here ( This link redirects visitors to the login portal.

STEP 2. Here fill in the login credentials such as User id, password, token (in case of client or mobile workers). Then click on the SIGN IN option.

STEP 3. Next, you will be at your PMP Payroll payslip account.

STEP 4. Select the month and year to get the desired payslip online.

PMP PayslipView Here

PMP Online Payslips Official Webpages

CompanyPMP Recruitment Company
PMP PayslipView Now
Forgotten Login Password?Reset Now
New RegistrationVisit Here

PMP Payslips Password Recovery Steps

As we said that your user id and password are the two most critical requirements. So, every time you log in your user id and password must be correct. In the case of your user id, you can check it on your previous PMP payslips.

However, things get a bit of a drag when you are unable to remember your password. But do not be worried because in case of a forgotten password you can always create a new one and that too online.

So if you want to know who to change or reset your PMP login password online then follow our instructions. Take the following steps one after the other and regain possession of your account.

STEP 1. Visit

STEP 2. At the bottom of the login page, you will see a link that says “FORGOTTEN PASSWORD”. When you see it click on that link.

STEP 3. On the next page, you need to enter your user id, date of birth national insurance number, and postcode.

STEP 4. Then you have to create a new password and confirm that new password.

STEP 5. Finally, you can click on the RESET PASSWORD option.

PMP Registration Online Step By Step Guide

To avail themselves of the online Payroll payslip services employees must register themselves. However, the registration process can be done online, therefore, you can register from the comfort of your home.

Still, before you proceed with your registration, there are pieces of information that we need you to have. During the registration process, the portal requires you to provide certain information.

Below we have mentioned the details that you need for successful registration;

  • Date of Birth.
  • National Insurance Number.

Now, with the above-mentioned particulars with you can register by following these simple steps.

STEP 1. You need to visit

STEP 2. At the login portal, you need to select the FIRST VISIT REGISTRATION option.

STEP 3. Now then enter the required details like DOB, Compony, National Insurance Number, Postcode, and create a password.

STEP 4. Now after this click on the Register. Now your registration is complete.

PMP Payslip Online Login at

As per the regulations, every individual employed through PMP should check their salary details. Every employer provides the payslip to their employees for every salary payment.

Therefore, employees should check their payslip to know about their salary details. Well, you can check your payslip weekly, or monthly based on your salary payment. Being aware of the details of your transaction can be helpful.

In the payslip, you will get your tax deductions, pensions. student loan ( if any), etc details. Your PMP payroll payslip can be considered to be a monthly salary receipt. With the help of such a payslip, you can come up with your expense plan. But most important it assures you of your tax payment.

Now, to get the payslip every employee must complete their login. Hence, with the login services, you can view your PMP payslip online.



Now at the end of our article, we thought that we should help our readers with the queries. So here we are with several questions with the answer that is related to the PMP payslip UK online.

So if you have had any of these questions that we hope that the answers are what you need. Therefore, check out these question and their answers.

PMP Recruitment Review?

PMP is one of the largest professional recruitment company has been quite successful. As of 2019 PMP was able to offer employment across 218 countries and territories worldwide.

What is the user id of the mobile worker?

The user id of the mobile worker will be a combination of your company prefix and payroll number.

What is PMI in my Payslip?

The PMI or Private Medical Insurance is an insurance policy provided to every employee. Through the PMI employees can enjoy core benefits as members of the company.

Where I get my client user id?

The client user id will be preprinted on your last delivery note.

What is a token?

A token originates a digit to be used with your password each time you log in. Mobile workers and clients do not require tokens. They can log in without any token.

About PMP

The PMP or Project Management Professionals is a recruitment company. It is the largest job agency in the United Kingdom. The PMP is a part of the Cordant Group which is the largest social business group in the UK.

Being one of the largest recruitment companies as of 2019 PMP had 932,720 active PMP certified individuals. The company is spread across 218 countries and had about 300 chartered chapters as of 2019.

Every year the PMP offers recruitment to aspirants in different professions. The recruitment is done based on the PMI Project Management Body of Knowledge. However, to enroll for such recruitment aspirants must fulfill the required qualification criterion.

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