Poundland Myview PeopleHub Payslip Login Portal

To log in to the Poundland Myview PeopleHub portal visit mypoundland.co.uk. This colleague portal allows you to access your payroll and HR information online.

For the reason that employees get their payslips exclusively from their employer. So as an employer Poundland is obligated to give you your Poundland employee’s payslips.

Remember that the payslip is an official document or slip. So as a legal document, the payslip becomes a vital aspect of your employment.

The payslip contains your salary statement details. The payslip is specifically issued as payment confirmation. Hence, for each pay period or salary payment, you get your payslips from your employer.

Check Poundland Myview Payslip Online

In the Myview Poundland people hub portal, you will get the details about your salary, wage slips, and hourly, weekly & monthly payslips. But, there are a few things that we want to clear up. Especially, the fact that you can generate your Poundland My View online only if you are able to log in. 

To log in, you must have your login credentials. So each and every Poundland employee must have the details to log in. 

In order to log in, you have to complete the official process which comprises several steps. Below you can check out the entire process step by step.

STEP 1. The most crucial step is to get the correct web address for the Poundland Myview portal. Here is the official address of the portal. So, click on this link www.mypoundland.co.uk. to complete the first step.

Poundland Myview
Poundland Myview

STEP 2. If you clicked on the link above then you should be at the portal. Once the portal appears on your screen enter your login credentials (your surname and colleague number).

STEP 3. Now then to complete your login click on log in. After a successful login, the portal will redirect you to your payslip record page.

STEP 4. When you have access to your account click on View Payslips.

Poundland MyViewView Here
Official Websitewww.mypoundland.co.uk/

My View Poundland Login Colleague Number

If Poundland employees want to log in then they must have the correct login details. Thus, every time you log in you should enter the correct surname and colleague number.

Well, your surname may not pose any problem but the same cannot be said about your colleague or employee number.

Therefore, you should always know how to get your number in case you got it incorrect. As per the instructions, you can get your number from your respective manager.

When you cannot log in due to an incorrect password or colleague numbers then make sure to contact your manager.

So, in order to reset your, My View Poundland password or colleague number just contact your manager. Once you get your number then you can complete your Poundland payslips login and check your Poundland my view wage slips.

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What is My View Poundland?

Myview Poundland is a colleague portal. It is an online payroll employee self-service system only for Poundland colleagues. This PeopleHub system is easy to access 24/7 by authorized colleagues.

How do I know about my view Poundland colleague’s number?

If you don’t know your colleague’s number, then ask your manager. Because only they can provide this to you.


The Poundland Myview colleague portal is easy to access online if you have actual login details. Login credentials play the most significant role during login. So, make sure that you entered the correct details during login.

Hope this article will fulfill your needs. If you have any other queries comment below. Our team will try to give you the best solution.

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  1. I have got big turbnal with my online paysilp to login! What’s i should do could you please help me. Thank you so much.
    Samson petros

  2. hi, I am Suja Rai working in Poundland, Ashford, Kent. I can not log in and see my pay slips now, which I desperately require to show for remortgaging. please help me in your earliest. Appreciate your help/assistance in advance.

  3. Hi,tried to log in to payroll,not happening,this is to let you know that my universal payment for this month has been cut drastically and after contacting them they say I have to contact you, could you please sort this out

  4. Will not let me log on I have correct payroll number can you help not been able to check wages for about 2 years now.

  5. I have tried to reset my password. The portal says that a password reset email will be sent to me. It isn’t being sent. I can’t login with my previous password. Can you help

  6. I have tried on numerous times to put in password, on different days! just seem as i’m locked out! asked for new password to my email, but never gets there, seen management, but no joy either


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