MyMorri Payslip – Login At Morrisons My Rota Portal

Morrisons staff can now access a multitude of services with ease through the MyMorri Com portal. It’s not just a portal but a gateway to employee self-service, available exclusively to those with authorized Google credentials.

Here’s everything you need to know as a Morrisons employee about signing in and navigating the portal.


Accessing MyMorri Portal Using Google

  • Official Website: Visit the My Morri official website to get started.
  • Google Sign-In: Utilize the “Sign in with Google” option for a secure login.
  • Email & Password: Enter your registered email, followed by the password to access your account.
  • View Payslips: Once logged in, navigate to the payslip section to view your salary details.

Resetting Your Password

If you’re facing issues logging in due to a forgotten password, follow these simple steps:

  • Navigate to the Sign-in page on the Morrisons employee portal.
  • Click on Forgot Password.
  • Input either your email address or mobile number.
  • Follow the link sent by Google to create and set up your new secure password.

Need Assistance?

In case of any challenges or inquiries, feel free to reach out to the support team:

  • Helpline Number: Dial – 0330 041 5587 for immediate assistance.

A Brief About Morrisons

  • History and Growth: From an egg and butter stand to a nationwide chain, discover the journey of Morrisons.
  • Workforce and Innovation: With over 110,000 employees, see how Morrisons fosters employee engagement through technology like the My Morri portal.


Is the MyMorri portal accessible only to Morrisons employees?

Yes, the My Morri portal is exclusively available to Morrisons employees with authorized Google credentials.

Can I view my payslip details on the MyMorri portal?

Absolutely! Once logged in, navigate to the payslip section to access your salary details.

What should I do if I forget my login password?

If you forget your password, simply head to the sign-in page, click on “Forgot Password,” and follow the instructions to reset it securely.

How can I seek assistance regarding the MyMorri portal?

For any challenges or queries, feel free to contact the support team at 0330 041 5587 for immediate help.


The My Morri portal is a testament to Morrisons’ dedication towards its employees, ensuring 24/7 access to essential work-related information, facilitating a better work-life balance, and transparency in employment aspects. For more information, you can comment below.

14 thoughts on “MyMorri Payslip – Login At Morrisons My Rota Portal”

  1. I’ve tried endless times to sign into mymorri for my wage slip and cannot get on to it I’ve done everything it says this is not good

  2. I have tried everything it says to get onto my Morrison’s and cannot get in
    Not had a payslip for 7 months please can someone help?

  3. I cannot get onto my pay slips anymore since my daughter tried signing me up for home shopping which I don’t want as I wasn’t happy with it can you help me get this back.

  4. Im a retired Morrison member of staff. Having a big problem, keep getting pushed onto various phone numbers none of which can help me . My old Morrison “More Card” was registered under my wife’s name . So, is there a way now to register for a new ” My Morrison
    Card ” to my family and friends discount card ?


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