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Sefton myview is mainly used by the Sefton Council employees and managers. My View Sefton online ESS portal holds and displays an accurate, official digital report of Sefton Council staff members.

Every Sefton Council staff gets the advantage of this online service to check their P11S, and payroll details, apply for leave, submit expenses and private mileage claims, etc.

Myview Sefton is a very formative platform designed and developed by Sefton IT staff, especially for its council working members to view and manage employment-related digital data electronically at their own comfort.

Ensure that the Sefton my view account will be locked in maximum unsuccessful attempts of login. In this situation please contact the ICT service desk to unlock the myview account. Here I am going to share some help desk contact numbers for the Sefton Council workforce.

  • ICT service desk: 01519344999.
  • School workers: 01519343773.

How to login on Myview Sefton?

To sign in to the Sefton my view web page connect your laptop, tablet, or smartphone to the internet and open myview website either on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or iOS Safari because the myview service support only these browsers.

The Sefton myview online advanced ESS user-friendly platform allows all the Sefton Council job takers to view online data anytime in their comfort zone.

If you want to log in as an employee and manager just go on my view Sefton website. Use your secret login credential to go on your personal view Sefton dashboard. The website will display your private data electronically when you log incorrectly.

STEP 1. Initially visit the welcome page of Sefton my view e.i.

STEP 2. Go to the sign-in page. The login form will be displayed on the right-hand side of myview website.

STEP 3. Enter the employee number and password.

Sefton MyView
Sefton MyView

STEP 4. Click on the Sign In.

Sefton MyViewView Here

How to Reset Sefton Myview Account Password?

To reset your forgotten password you will need some private information such as a six-digit employee number, NIN(National Insurance Number), and DOB(Date of Birth).

Employees and managers want to reset their login password for various reasons like login in using the same password for a long time, losing the actual password, or wanting to make a new 0r strong password.

  1. Visit or search on the browser.
  2. A login page will open on your system.
  3. Click on the forgotten password. link e.i. mentioned just below in the sign-in button.
  4. Hereafter you will see a forgotten password instruction and a 3-field reset my account online form.
  5. You just fill in the required details and click on Reset my account.
  6. Now you will get a temporary URL link on the associate email address. Go to your email address for verification and set a new password. (please note that the emailed reset password URL link will be enabled only for 6 hours).

If you do not receive a verification link on the associate email then take the help of the Sefton help desk.

About Sefton

The Metropolitan Borough of Sefton was established in the year 1974 as a government body. The headquarters are established in Southport and Bootle.

Since 2014, It becomes six intermediary local government districts of the Liverpool City Region.

The Sefton Council has 66 Councillors, 42 Labour Councillors, 7 Conservatives, 2 Independents, and 16 Liberal Democrats.



Sefton Council employees my view self-service portal is designed for its employees and managers. Here in this article, I’ve shared login, password reset and more information for those users who are searching for this help.

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  1. Every time I try to view my payslip I have to ring up and ask for a link to be sent as it just keeps taking me back to this site and not to the login page!!
    Everyone I have asked at work have said they have the same problem.
    This needs immediate attention please as i’m getting really fed up now.


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