Boots Payslip Online Login At MyView PeopleAdmin

Welcome to Boots MyView PeopleAdmin Portal Login Guide. This portal helps you to access your boots payslip online from the official website.

You can access your payslip from the Peopleadmin Zellis portal. The payslips are the record of your salary payments that are provided to you by your employer.

The People Admin portal is the online portal for all Boots employees. This portal is designed to view details on online wages and payment slips.

A boots payroll system allows employees an interface that helps them access the payslips easily from anywhere.

PeopleAdmin Payroll Login

The Boots payslips can be accessed only by completing the login. This means that employees can not view the payslip for their desired week or month without logging in.

It may sound complicated, but the login process is easy, and you can log in effortlessly.

What do I need to do?

  • Have your User Name (employee number) and password ready to log in to PeopleAdmin.
  • You will be asked to confirm your date of birth and set 3 security questions the first time you log in.

Boots Payslip – Check Steps Here

If you wish to check your payslip but are unaware of the login procedure, follow the below steps.

STEP 1. Visit the People Admin login portal (

STEP 2. The above-given link takes employees to the official PeopleAdmin login portal. Now, enter your login credentials.

boots payslip
boots payslip

STEP 3. Once you have entered your username and password, click on SIGN IN.

STEP 4. After you click SIGN IN, the portal takes a few minutes to validate your credentials before giving you complete access to your payslip accounts.

Check PayslipView Here
Official Portal

How To Reset ePayslips Login Password?

A forgotten password can be recovered, or a new password can be created through the admin portal. All you need to do is follow the correct steps and provide the required information.

Employees who want to be aware of the recovery process can follow the following instructions. Employees need to know the process just in case they forget their password.

  1. Go to the payroll PeopleAdmin Portal.
  2. Once you reach the homepage, click on Forgotten your password?
  3. Enter your Boot official EMPLOYEE NUMBER and Date of Birth on the next page.
  4. Then you can click RESET MY ACCOUNT.
  5. The portal then sends you the recovery link to your email address. So, you need to open that link and complete your password recovery by creating a new password.

NOTE: Per the norms, you cannot click Forgotten Password continuously. Doing so will result in your account being blocked. You can contact your line manager if you do not receive an email.


How can I register for Boots payroll online service?

If you are searching for an online registration service, then it’s a total waste of time. Online registration service is not available right now. Contact your payroll administrator.


About Boots UK

Boots UK Limited was founded in 1849 by John Boot. Its headquarters is located at Beeston, Nottinghamshire, England, United Kingdom.

It is a retailer of healthcare, beauty, and Pharmaceuticals chains in the UK and other countries and territories. Boots’ service area covers Thailand, Norway, Ireland, and the Netherlands.

It is one of the largest retailers in the UK and Ireland. Currently, Boots owns 3,063 stores in different countries.


Boots PeopleAdmin web portal allows authorized employees to access their payslips 24/7. If you are new to Boots and don’t know the login steps, I hope this article provides a step-by-step guide to checking online payslips. For more information, you can comment below.

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  1. Good afternoon, just to let you know that WGC has not been updating us on what is going on, we that are not working has to be updated about what we should be expecting. We have family to take care of, and we also understand the position of the company at this pandemic times.

  2. Every time I log in I am logged out after just few second. My husband cannot log in at all. Although he has changed his password. Why do we have to change it every 3 months any way? This site isn’t working properly. Got issues with it almost every month. Wish I had my payslips send to my email.

  3. 1 want to change my phone number and email address on people Admin. Spoke to manager telling her new details but system still shows old phone number and email. not sure if she knows how to change them for me or if HR could do it

  4. HI anyone know a contact no to call people admin or email them, trying to reset my account and getting nowhere despite following the instructions.


  5. I retired from the company in January and cannot now access my payslips or P60.
    When I ask for the account to be reset I do not receive an email.
    Please could you advise as to how I can access these documents
    Thank you

    • I was recently employed by Boots, I left in May 2021 and I am trying to access people admin to obtain a copy of my P60 and April and May 2021 wage slips but without any success I have reset my password etc but I still cannot access wage slips etc

    • Hi Amanda, I have the same problem. Don’t get any emails with reset password. My line manager doesn’t want to help me. Did you manage to access your payslips eventually? If yes, what did you do, to whom did you turned to?

  6. I have been trying to access my P60 for 20/21 not yet available on pay slips I have now left the business and I am concerned I may have access closed down

  7. I am trying to access my P60 and last 6 payslips .I have left the Boots company and think my account has been closed down . I have attempted to contact people admin with no success.

  8. please can you help me i need a copy of my payslip for universal credit but cant get onto payslips i have forgotten my password and cant get a email to change it and think i am locked out

  9. Hi
    I have been employed by Boots since 06/21, I don’t know my OneID for Boots live login, how can i know mine please, the page has a login but no registration option

  10. I have left Boots and cannot access my payslips! Need it for my tax return! Tried to change password but haven’t received any email. Line manager doesn’t want to help me.

  11. I also am unable to access my wage slips. The forgotton email sends me the same email every time saying my account is suspended over and over again,
    Never sent a temporary password.
    Clearly the system does not reset the account. I desperately need to get hold of my pay slips.
    I have sent reply emails and have not had any response.
    Can you please help me and un suspend my account please. It has been going on for nearly 2 months since I have been able to access my information

  12. Hi can you please forward me a reset on my payslips please as it is urgent I can access my p60.
    No temporary password is ever sent to me.
    Just go round and round with account is suspended.
    I am entitled to my wage slips.
    Please can you help me
    Thank You Heidi


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